Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Kerplunk Definition of Liberal Pejorative Terms

Last year I wrote about the left wing labels used to stifle debate.

Today I introduce formal definitions to help people understand exactly what each term means.
  • Sexist - a man who is winning an argument related to women
  • Racist - a white male who is winning an argument (in recent years) about Islam
  • Islamophobe - a person who is winning an argument that terrorism in the world is carried out 99% of the time by Muslims
  • Fascist - a conservative who is winning an argument with the left on any topic
  • Homophobe - a male who is winning an argument that marriage should only be between a man and a woman
  • Xenophobe - a white person who is winning an argument on immigration
  • Climate Change Denier - a person who is winning a climate change debate based solely on the science
  • Warmonger - a person (typically male) who believes that peace comes through strength and not through appeasement, cultural capitulation, the efforts of a bunch of Baby Boomer socialists gathering together to protest in front of US Marines' offices at UC Berkley, or from know nothing, dictator loving Hollywood celebrities who chuck tantrums when the mayonnaise in their dressing room isn't at the right temperature, the champagne has not been corked and the bed hasn't been turned down on the right side who make anti-US military films such as Redacted and Rendition in order to prove their 'bravery'.
There you go.

A handy list to understand exactly why you're being referred to as one of the above.

Feel free to send me your contributions.

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Anonymous said...

a male who is winning an argument that same sex marriage should only be between a man and a woman is not a homophobe, just very very confused. Whoever he's arguing against must be a bit baffled as well.

Jack Lacton said...

Heh. Good job.


Anonymous said...

a male who is winning an argument that marriage should only be between a man and a woman must being arguing with a halfwit.

Anonymous said...

And if such an argument could actually realistically be won, why would a male winning it be a homophobe and a female not? Or can you just not imagine that a woman would win an argument? said...

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