Sunday, 18 July 2010

Labor "moving forward" to victory

If there's been a more banal political slogan in Australian history than Labor's "moving forward" then please let me know.

The first poll published after the calling of the August 21 election comes from Galaxy and shows that the government holds on to its 52-48 lead.

I commented recently that before the last election, which Labor won with a 53-47 margin, their Betfair odds were $1.31.

The current odds are as follows:

The odds support the 52-48 poll so, unless one side or the other puts their foot in it big time, then we've got another three years of Labor government to look forward to. How much more debt will they be able to pile onto our kids? It's remarkable that the modern, "progressive" left has no care for the financial health of the economies of which they're supposed to be custodians.

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Stevo said...

I was surprised when hearing the Labor's cliche "Moving Forward". We know cliches are lazy language, which tend not to inform, but give a general idea, if one is intended at all. Moving might give an impression of action, and forward tends to be positive direction, but I find a big disparity between people's usage of the term and any resulting positive action. Rudd's term didn't portray to me positive action from his government, but his slogan was Kevin 07. And I don't see any big changes from Rudd to Gillard. Unfortunately, many people (voters) are mesmerised by slogans. I think Labor might be onto a winner.

ps: I don't the parties can reuse "Turn on the Lights" to wake them up. Not carbon neutral enough!