Friday, 1 April 2011

Making some changes...

As regular readers can tell, I'm making some changes to the blog including the layout and new url. will still work but the main address has changed to

(Nothing Follows)


Anonymous said...

And this is NOT an April Fool's joke? I hope the kerplunk word will still be featured. I'm so glad you'll be posting discussions with humor. It's a desert out there, as far as interesting blogs are concerned.

Jack Lacton said...

Yeah, I'm still working out how to sharpen up the header and stuff so I'm going back a step in order to make it better. I hope.

All feedback appreciated!

Anonymous said...

hi jack ... i like the blue, green has been hi-jacked ... glad to read your new posts ... and i'm going well ... left one tla to another tla ... cheers ... stevo

Jack Lacton said...

Good stuff, Stevo. Hope it works out well at IBM/EMC/CSC/TLA!

I've got a bunch of stuff I want to write about but just need to get more time. Will get there, though.

kae said...

Stevo? Is that the Stevo I know?

Jack, changing the blog is a chore. I just moved things around and changed the colours and the background. I think mine looks good now.

Good luck!

Stevo said...

hi kae and jack, that's me, still a boy of the shire, but considering moving ... having great time with the gf, and still reading the blogs, but post infrequently these days. am more on fb but getting sick of it.

created two work websites in the past, quickly handed over to several webmasters on the 2nd because of the workload. automated as much as possible, but getting good content was my no. 1 issue.

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since your last post. Hope you're OK and will write some more soon.

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