Sunday, 8 January 2012

Chinese infrastructure construction

Critics of the West tend to point to China's ability to build roads, airports, buildings, fast trains and whatnot at a much faster rate than can Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe etc. They're even planning to send a manned mission to the moon.

Watch this terrific video showing what is possible these days.

How are they able to achieve such a great outcome? Here are a few reasons:

  • They have no shortage of funds to not only build the building but also create the company in the first place;
  • They have the will of the government to support such expansion;
  • They have the manpower available to build what they need; and
  • Critically, they do not have environmental regulations and anti-development green groups to tie up their plans for years.

So what does that tell you about China?

Consider these facts:

  • Using 1920s/30s technology the 102 floor Empire State Building took just 410 days to build;
  • In 1933 construction started on the Golden Gate Bridge and was completed just 4 years later;
  • In 1859 the British started work on the 450 miles of main sewers connecting over 13,000 miles of smaller sewers that would become the London sewerage system, completed in 1865; and
  • In 1969 the United States landed a man on the moon.

Again, what does that tell you about China?

Well, that they're a number of decades behind the West, for starters, and are racing to catch up, which they're able to do (as are other fast-developing nations such as Brazil and India) by leveraging existing technologies created over the last 100 years in the West.

Combined with the number of empty cities they've built it also tells you that they're going to have a terrific contraction at some point, which will really hurt us out here in Australia given that our government has pissed away the strength of our economy and undermined, through poor industrial relations law, any chance we'll have for a quick recovery.

But the video is impressive nonetheless and really serves as a reminder of what was possible before government regulations and green groups got in the way.


Ellen K said...

China is where the US was during the 1950's. The have more money than anyone else, they have a government willing to do anything to get ahead and they have cheap labor with which the rest of the world cannot compete, except perhaps for India. Life is cheap in Asia. They type of soapy ads for victimhood would never get on television there. It doesn't help that the US president seems to be locked in by his green lobbyists into a mode that will allow China access to relatively cheap Canadian fuel sources in much the same way China is drilling off the Cuban coast into oil reserves that American companies cannot touch due to environmental limits. What is more daunting is to speculate on what would happen should a growing economic beast like China be denied access to the materials or resources we need. Both Russia and North America have much to fear in the realization that China has nothing to lose.

water jetter said...

It only shows what they're willing to do. Every nation needs to be aware of their infrastructure development.

electric motor repairs said...

China is also known for their advance technological equipment. They are able to produce highly functional engines that do the tasks easier and much faster.

Riley Brent said...

China is indeed known as the number one supplier of any kinds of products may it be for construction or technology. They also have the biggest concrete suppliers in the world. This only shows how powerful China as a nation is.

Emily said...

China is a huge country. Everything is almost at their hands that includes power, resources and people. They even have huge companies that manufacture electric supplies and equipment being used by almost all of the countries all over the world. According to the electrical repair Garden City electrician I talked to last week, China is the leading manufacturer of almost all of the products use in electrical and technological development.

Unknown said...

China did a lot of repairs, including concrete restoration, to improve their country and their lives. They were able to utilize their great resources, such as population to be a powerful and wealthy country.

Unknown said...

Building such a great architecture will definitely need lots of funding and required approval after inspection of the government. With such available funding, workers can have enough construction hoists to assist them in lifting and moving the materials to and fro each part of the infrastructure.

Unknown said...

If funding is as extravagant as that amount, the building will be finished in no time. However, the building owner should have a working and efficient property maintenance service so as to keep things in proper order.

Unknown said...

Construction really does play a significant role to the economy, mainly because everything around us is done by construction. And since people base their judgments on what they see, the competition is set on who builds the better infrastructure that appeals to everyone.

Unknown said...

With the speed of infrastructure building in China, it would be logical to have an industrial lubricant company nearby. It would be highly needed with all that construction going on.

Unknown said...

China has almost every supply they need. "They have no shortage of funds to not only build the building but also create the company in the first place" basically means that they have all the hoists, concrete, metal, even alimaks they need to finish the construction. They do have the ability - maybe not at a faster rate than the other countries compared, but they really can.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I wouldn't underestimate the Chinese. Their innovation and ingenuity are more than enough reason for me to believe that, not only will they properly set up the infrastructure, but they'll also have maintenance services like building repair and unblocking drains good to go as well.

Unknown said...

China doesn't have any problem with their infrastructure construction. Workers keep working, while the material hoists keep transporting all the supplies they need to finish it. It's quite normal for China, and soon it will be normal for the rest of the countries to develop or improve their infrastructures.

Unknown said...

With all that manpower, there is no wonder that China can really build an infrastructure 30 story high in just 15 days. I'm an electrician in perth by the way, and usually, building an infrastructure really takes less than a month to build.

Betty Garrison said...

What's great about this infrastructure is that it has more than enough budget to finish the construction early.

Harry Mellor said...

China is now considered a world power. But its advancements are still sub par when compared to USA, Russia and Koren. There are no existing metropolis on China that can match the infrastructure and building of New York.

Kathryn Zucker said...

If only all nations have the same capacity for building state-of-the-art infrastructures with balanced planning on development, it would be a progressive world for everyone.

Andrew Henry said...

Soon, one should not be surprising to hear about the rise of oil companies in China. They seemed to be on a development roll.

Unknown said...

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