Sunday, 19 July 2009

George Carlin - the planet is fine...but the people...?

Comedian George Carlin was never one to toe the politically correct line, which he demonstrates in spades in this terrific piece in which he takes aim at the type of people who take themselves oh so seriously because they drive a Prius, wash infrequently to save water and, basically, 'care' so much about the planet that they curl up into the foetal position and cry themselves to sleep every night because of the horror and devestation of planetary destruction.

The reality is that they simply imagine this to be the case and react to their imagination rather than dealing with the facts.

Either that or they're with Al Gore, who is trying to convince the world to introduce emissions trading schemes so that he can increase the profits of his carbon offsets company.

Here's Carlin. There's some biting stuff in there.

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