Wednesday, 19 August 2009

10 signs you're talking to a Climate Liar

Climate Liars are those people who use deliberately dishonest examples to prove that climate change (aka global warming, aka new age astrology) is real.

Here are some signs that you're talking to one.

1. They use the Hokey Stick as proof that we're in a period of unprecedented warming. In the history of science there have been very few more egregiously dishonest pieces of science. That it became so widely used by the so-called leaders of the climate change 'debate' should give people pause for thought.

2. They are Al Gore, James Hansen, George Monbiot or any other offical spokesperson for the IPCC.

3. They tell you that Tuvalu and the Cartaret Islands are being inundated because of sea level rises associated with climate change. Both islands are, in fact, atolls. What's the difference? An atoll is an island of coral formed during volcanic activity. Over time the volcano subsides and the atoll disappears under the sea, which is exactly what's going on with Tuvalu and The Cartaret Islands. Tuvalu is the 4th smallest country in the world with a size of just 26 sq kms (10 sq miles). Check it out:

4. They tell you that the British judge did not find at least 10 'errors of fact' in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

5. They tell you that all of the dissent by highly regarded, highly qualified scientists is simply due to the power of Exxon to buy people off. At the same time they'll tell you that the tens of billions of dollars being spent by governments around the world will not encourage climate scientists to, basically, make shit up.

6. They tell you that the models used by the IPCC have made accurate predictions historically and will do so in the future. The truth is that the sum total of models used by the IPCC that have made accurate predictions is zero, nil, nada, none which is, not coincidentally, the number of financial models that predicted the global financial crisis.

7. They tell you that solar cycles have no meaningul role in the earth's temperature in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. If they can't pin any increase on CO2 then they have no way of implementing their socialist agenda.

8. They tell you that creating green jobs will not be at the cost of real jobs. If that were the case then unsubsidised green jobs would exist now by the million. Being closer to Karl Marx than Milton Friedman it comes as no surprise that they don't understand how the jobs market works. The green jobs lie is similar to the lie that increasing the minimum wage won't also increase unemployment.

9. They are an owner or commentor at Realclimate.

10. They tell you that carbon dioxide is pollution.

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