Friday, 6 November 2009

I Am Dumbfounded

I cannot believe this. I simply cannot.

What can one say?

Unlike George W Bush when he first got news that a plane had hit the World Trade Centre and that the situation was being assessed (people initially thought that it was a small, private plane), Barack Obama had all of the facts of the Fort Hood attack and yet still chose to dribble on about the organisation of the event he was at and how he looked forward to next year's event et blah.

US soldiers are lying dead and he has the temerity to smile and crack a joke???

Unbelievable. He should call George W and get a lesson in respecting the military.

Words fail me in the same way as Obama failed to respect the dead and wounded at Fort Hood.

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Ellen K said...

I live in Dallas-around 200 miles from Killeen and Ft. Hood. But our local networks had live coverage for hours. This happened at one thirty our time and press secretary extraordinair Robert Gibbs didn't think it was important enough to let the president know about it for 90 minutes. At least when Bush was delayed it was to comfort children at a school he was visiting and to allow the Secret Service to take rational actions. At the time this happened, the authorities didn't know if it was a lone shooter or a group, if it was one incident or an organized conspiracy. Yet our so-called Commander in Chief, took time when he finally deigned to show up, chatting up the Native American gathering and making small talk. I listened on the radio to the speech and he didn't even mention the incident until several minutes into the speech. This is callous on so many levels, not the least of which is that many Native Americans go into the military. At the same time he tread the narrow PC view of the situation saying we shouldn't prejudge. Let's see, a born Muslim who expressed support for suicide bombings, demonstrated and stated he was "Muslim first, American second" and a man who was content to let American taxpayers pay for his costly education as a psychiatrist, but when called to serve chose instead to kill his fellow soldiers. There's even a photo online from just the day before of the idiot wearing Middle Eastern garb in a convenience store. At some point discrimination is also self-preservation. Just as you wouldn't play with snakes not knowing which are poisonous, you should also be cautious with people whose ethics you don't know. I am so angry about this. And this administration is creating an attitude where even more can occur.

We've had two thwarted terror attempts, one shootout in Detroit and one massacre on a military base ALL BY ISLAMISTS, ALL IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS. This administration's attitude of appeasement could be the end of us.

Ellen K said...

Oh by the way, today while watching network news, I saw a man not in uniform standing near the site of a memorial with his hands over his face. There were no cameras, no media, but President George Bush found time to see that the military personnel and others impacted by this event had what they needed. He didn't turn it into a photo op. God help Obama if he does tomorrow. This is the difference between a leader who makes decisions based on what is the best for the country and one that makes photo ops based on what is good for his personal agenda.

Jack Lacton said...

Thanks for that, Ellen.

If the president isn't talking about himself he seems almost detached and uncaring. It's quite remarkable.

Anonymous said...

The failure to point the finger at evil and directly identify this as Islamic terrorism is a rock certain guarantee that it will be repeated.

In addition to his many extremist statements and email contacts with the bad guys, the man is reputed to have begun his killing with the famous Middle Eastern war chant, Allahu Akbar, which everyone knows is Arabic for many innocent people are about to die.