Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Proof that there are at least 20,368 morons in Australia

Ninemsn's latest poll question is - Do you think Australia is a corrupt country?

Here's the current count:

Do the 20,368 people who voted yes actually understand what a proper corrupt country looks like and how far from it we are?

How would they cope with what goes on in Africa?

Or in almost any Asian nation?

Or in South America?

These people are nitwits.

I blame their teachers.

(Nothing Follows)


Jonathan Lowe said...

I blame the wording of the question. It is a lot easier to say yes to a poll question than no. If the question were, "do you believe that australia are a corrupt country or a non corrupt county" the results would have been vastly different.

Jack Lacton said...


I think you're right in some circumstances but in black and white situations like this I don't agree.

If the question is "Do you think that Kevin Rudd is a murderer" then I'm not sure that it matters whether you pose that question or "Do you think that Kevin Rudd is not a murderer" to the outcome.

PS - good work on the temperature stuff you're doing.

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