Sunday, 18 February 2007

Climate consensus melting faster than Greenland

Green-wrapped socialists, aka the environmental movement, have worked hard in recent years to impose their destructive ideology through the Trojan horses of Climate Change, led by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and its relative, the Kyoto Protocol.

You may dispute that these people are socialists, agree that global warming is an issue and that their motives are good. The fact is that their efforts would result in the transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations via a carbon trading system while at the same time doing nothing to stop the rise of global CO2 emissions. You'll excuse me if I refer to that as socialism.

There are now significant cracks appearing in the ranks of the so-called "debate is over", "skeptics are like Holocaust deniers", "there is a broad consensus" proponents of a man made climate catastrophe. It is pure, unadulterated comedy that environmental extremists have now turned on themselves by criticising the IPCC's latest report for not being alarmist enough.

Over the last few months the level of pressure from formerly 'non-existent' skeptical scientists has built up to the point where their voices can no longer be silenced by a complicit mainstream media. Led by seriously credible people such as Bjorn Lomberg, Richard Lindzen and Roger Pielke, and with pressure from others such as Lord Monckton, research contradicting the 'consensus' is now starting to see the light of day. First comes Nigel Calder, former editor of New Scientist, to say that it's the sun that is the main driver of the Earth's climate. Imagine that? It's that big, red, hot ball in the sky that's making us warm. And there I was thinking that all it did was make my eyes hurt when I looked directly at it. Then comes news that cosmic radiation is also not as innocent as first supposed. This all follows previous research showing that CO2 rise lags temperature rise in a lot of regions, which would make it hard to accuse of being the global warming culprit.

A few weeks ago the Weather Channel’s most prominent climatologist, Heidi Cullen, advocated that broadcast meteorologists be stripped of their scientific certification if they express skepticism about predictions of man made catastrophic global warming. This was in response to a comment that TV weathermen were indeed quite skeptical about the whole thing. Now we see a panel of them saying that 95% of their colleagues disagree with climate alarmism.

The desperation of the lobotomised, can't-think-for-themselves Climate Gestapo was plain for all to see in an error-riddled screed by the Boston Globe's Ellen Goodman just over a week ago.
"By every measure, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change raises the level of alarm. The fact of global warming is "unequivocal." The certainty of the human role is now somewhere over 90 percent. Which is about as certain as scientists ever get." writes this scientific illiterate. The day that we rely on science at only a 90 percent certainty level is the day we're all in a whole heap of trouble, as anyone that was paying even vague attention in a year 7 or 8 science class could tell you. "I would like to say we're at a point where global warming is impossible to deny. Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future
," continues this non-scientist cum non-historian.

Clearly, the climate consensus really is melting faster than Greenland. They urgently need to call on the Al Gore Effect in order to solidify their position.

It will be interesting to see how the Alarmists recover and put their battered Climate Humpty Dumpty back together. There is a long way to go in this battle and hopefully the way forward is to have a two-sided, science-based debate on the subject with the mainstream media acting as an impartial moderator.

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