Saturday, 17 February 2007

Obama - Not black?

I have said for years and years that the greatest threat to the advancement of blacks in America is the Black Lobby. Ditto the Feminist Lobby for women and even Unions for workers. What the likes of the unexceptional Germaine Greer did to damage the cause of women so, too, the blacks have their own social anchors in the form of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. You only have to look at how well other races have done in the US - Chinese and Indians, for example - all of whom lacked a conspicuous lobby group but completely eclipse blacks in the achievement stakes.

Sometimes, parody bespeaks reality and the very funny Stephen Colbert 'interview' with Debra Dickerson, author of The End of Blackness, on his Colbert Report demonstrates brilliantly the inanity, irrelevance and self-harm of today's Black Lobby.

Watch and enjoy.