Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Unexceptional underachiever mocks overachieving national icon

Unexceptional underachiever Germaine Greer is at it again, mocking overachieving national icon Steve Irwin in a rant brought about by the National Portrait Gallery choosing to replace the stomach churning image of a naked (but thankfully exposing nothing) Greer with Irwin in what she describes as a 'simpering' pose. In her column from the socialist UK rag, The Guardian, ex-pat Aussie Greer drivels:
"His left thumb is hooked rather coyly in a pocket; his lime-green shirt is undone to the fourth button, and pulled open to display his bosom in a manner not altogether manly"
This from a woman that said the "animal world had finally got its revenge" after Steve Irwin's fatal encounter with a stingray. To prove how truly out of touch she is with real people Greer claimed that many felt the same way about Irwin but were too intimidated to speak out. Oh, please.

Judge for yourself which portrait would be more memorable should you go and see them in a gallery.

Greer has spent her entire career as a pseudo-intellectual by climbing on the backs of her sisters while managing to hold back their cause by decades. She really is disgusting. Speaking on behalf of all Australians I have a message to Greer - Good riddance.

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Anonymous said...

She's worthy of double bags over that face of hers. Steve Irwin was not only a great role model for children, he was a humble and gifted teacher to the rest of us. Something that Greer will never be.