Monday, 7 April 2008

Al Gore's "We" ads interesting until boring subject introduced

It either takes someone with shocking judgement in those things that are truly profound and meaningful or someone with a perverse sense of humour to equate storming the beaches at Normandy, the civil rights movement and the moon landing with the 'climate crisis'.

As the new Al Gore 'climate crisis' ads show he's clearly in the first category. I'm also not too sure that anyone has ever accused him of having anything remotely resembling a sense of humour - perverse or otherwise.

Both of these videos are of the Al Gore ad and are overlaid with graphs produced by showing viewer approval. Which way do you think the graph goes when the 'climate crisis' - the world's most boring topic - is mentioned?

Tested by viewer age group

Tested by viewer party affiliation

To find that there's strong support for fixing the 'climate crisis' in the 18-25 year old category is no surprise - the majority of them don't have to pay any taxes or have families to look after.

It's also unsurprising that conservatives have not bought into Climate Theology like the left has; they have their own faith, on the whole.

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Francis W. Porretto said...

I like your phrase "climate theology." Inasmuch as the warmistas have contorted themselves into pretzels, arguing that every development is consistent with anthropogenic global warming and no conceivable event could be evidence against it, they clearly want their Cause to be treated as an article of faith.

No salvation outside the Warmist Church!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to wander off topic, but I thought you should know in case you missed it that last night on the ABC, C02 was described as "the gas that causes the most damage to the earth" in an article about Carbon Capture on the 7.30 report. - And here's me breathing the wretched stuff out!!!!

New reporting low??