Saturday, 19 April 2008

Australia's 2020 Summit - who would want to live in a country that implements such lunatic ideas?

I spent the day following the proceedings of Australia's 2020 Summit.

I must admit that the event is even more of an embarrassing cringe than even a curmudgeonly cynic like myself could have predicted.

Andrew Bolt tortured himself even more than I did and has two excellent summaries here and here that will make your mind curdle and eyes bleed.

To my overseas friends - check out that first link and you'll find ideas that would fit comfortably with the Guardian/BBC world view or anything that could come out of Berkeley. More than 10% of the 1000 participants are members of, the Australian equivalent of the radical, leftist group so you can imagine what great ideas they're generating.

Here are the categories and my summary of the ideas so far:

- Raise taxes. Spend Money.

Some of the ideas are so lunatic that it's breathtaking that people could propose them without having their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks. What about this? Putting politicians who tell lies in prison. Or this? 1% of all funds used to run government departments should be put towards the arts? Seriously!

The big question that I have is - who would want to live in country that implements all of these ideas?

Which brings me to comments about our prime minister, Kevin Rudd.

I have stated before that pundits should always give a new government and new leader time to settle in and make their mark.

However, one thing is becoming abundantly clear - Kevin Rudd has no idea about leadership, what it means or how to do it.

Rudd is a manager. A bureaucrat. But not a leader.

Perhaps in these prosperous times it's management we need in order to get the best out of the country. Time will tell but I have my doubts.

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