Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Same sex marriage - Miss California v Mr Obama

One of the rules for judges at the Miss USA Pageant is to not ask political or sex-related questions.

So what does trumped up nothing Perez Hilton do?

Asks for her opinion on gay marriage.

It costs her the title but at least she can sleep at night knowing that she didn't sell out her values for the chance at fame.

Hilton is a huge Obama fan. No surprise there.

So what does Obama have to say on the same sex marriage question?

Let's contrast and compare.

So, if Miss California is a "dumb bitch" then what does that make Mr Obama?

Come to think of it there's probably a fair chance that Miss California, if President, would have introduced less economically and societally destructive policies than Obama...

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princetrumpet said...

I love that people can put clips like this together so damned quickly. It's amazing. well done!

Ellen K said...

Sadly, there is no longer any free speech in America unless you are a liberal, a minority or have a different gender preference. How did this smarmy little guy get to be a judge anyway? And I absolutely hate his smug attitude. What is galling is to listen to the other questions. This by far was the kicker of the lot. As for Miss California, I predict another great conservative talk show will be on the air soon.