Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Things I Hate...Surfing

I hate surfing.

There. I said it.

Sun, sand and surf have become an iconic part of Aussie culture so it's no surprise that we have had so many champions including the first world champion, Midget Farrelly, Nat Young, Mark Richards and Mick Fanning along with 7 time female champion Layne Beachley.

I don't care.

And the fact that I've never surfed hasn't influenced my decision.

I've never surfed because I've never wanted to.

What has surfing ever done for the world?

Have any pro-surfers, in their post surfing careers, gone on to contribute to society in any meaningful way?

Any brain surgeons? Nope.

Any captains of industry? Nope.

The best you can say is that surfing provides the odd moment of TV news drama when some unfortunate surfer happens to look too much like a juicy seal when a hungry white pointer happens along.

I'm sorry, but surfing is a complete waste of space.

(And don't even get me started on skateboarding)

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Ayrdale said...

Jeez Jack, that's like saying I hate pool, or darts, or croquet, or petanque, or archery, or playing cards or dropping hot wax on a lovers other words being physical and being alive.

C'mon buddy, I envy the agile young buggers too, but love their enthusiasm for life.

The opposite end of the spectrum is playstation, nintendo, lardarse sitins, gimme another pie, you're picking on me...

hoppers said...

Even worse....I live in Darwin, and I hate fishing!

Stevo said...

jack, there's lots of different types of surfing to try. what comes to mind includes:

body, channel, crowd, kite, medieval, sky, sofa, train, web and wind surfing. it is said that those who dislike it cannnot do it. i cannot surf (doesn't mean i dislike it), but i can still skateboard off gutters without falling off ...

btw, david gyngell surfed and managed a surf shop ...

Jonathan Lowe said...

"what has surfing ever done for the world?"

Geez, sorry jack, but showing a little ignorance there. Surfing, like sport, brings enjoyment and entertainment. You might as well ban every sport, and every pastime.