Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Who really deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

In the recent tradition of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to whoever is the most popular person on the left at the time lobbying for the award is taking place that fact ignoring, CO2 hog and moral hypocrite Al Gore has carried off the prize, along with the IPCC.

It's insane, of course, but as my list showed, he's joined some pretty mediocre company as a Peace Prize winner.

So who really deserves the Nobel Peace Prize? Here are some that are much more qualified than Al Gore, Mohamed ElBaradei, Jimmy Carter or Yassir Arafat to win the thing.

The United States Military -
The lunatics that make up the left these days, not to mention Ron Paul supporters, refuse to understand that the dramatically more peaceful period following WW2 is due almost 100% to the strength of the US military and the fact that the US is not an imperialist nation. I've
posted on that before. It has certainly done more for world peace than 1988 winner - the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces.

Bjorn Lomborg - If Al Gore can win for reducing future global warming induced conflicts due to resource shortages then why isn't Bjorn Lomberg a worthy nominee? He has spent many years putting the threat of global warming into its proper context and stating that issues in Africa require more urgent attention, which he has done through his Copenhagen Consensus Centre. He's often referred to as a stooge of the right for his views on global warming but as a left wing, gay vegetarian he doesn't quite fit the profile of someone in the pocket of George W Bush or Big Oil.

Noel Pearson and Warren Mundine -
Two Aboriginal Australians who have been working on solving the humanitarian crisis facing outback Aboriginal communities. Pearson's hard work has led to the federal government's intervention in northern Australia and Mundine has been arguing persuasively that we can no longer continue with the failed, paternalistic policies propounded by Australia's pseudo-intellectual elitists for the last thirty years.

Gary Sinese and Laura Hillenbrand -
Well known actors and founders of
Operation Iraqi Children, an organisation that enables Americans to send school supply kits and other necessities to kids in Iraq. It has had terrific success at improving the lives of children there.

Feel free to add any other suggestions to comments.

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Anonymous said...

How about Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern who brought about peace in Northern Ireland. It wasn't all that long ago that the differences in Northern Ireland in Iraq would be hard to discern.

-- Krumhorn