Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Camden Council 'racist' against 65 different ethnic groups

Camden Council last night voted unanimously to not allow an Islamic school to be built. The reasons they gave were all based on planning and development issues, thus avoiding the issue of religion after a ferocious campaign from locals who don't want to see what is effectively a Madrassa in their area.

The following article contains one of the greatest examples of muddled logic in recent history.
A Sydney council's rejection of a proposed Islamic school is a victory for racism, a Muslim community organisation says.
No surprises there. Muslims don't get their way so they seethe and call everyone racists.
Camden Council has voted unanimously to reject a proposal for a 1,200-student Islamic school, a decision that followed months of heated community meetings and the release of an adverse report by the council's planners last week.

Mayor Chris Patterson said the council's decision was based on concerns surrounding the impact on traffic flows, loss of agricultural land, highlighted in the planners report and not on religious grounds.
One does wonder whether things would have been different if it was a government school that was being proposed.
But the independent think tank FAIR (Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations) said the decision came as no surprise and was "a reflection of unwarranted fear and ignorance about Islam".
FAIR sounds like CAIR. I wonder whether they get their money from the same sources.
"The decision based on planning grounds is only a smokescreen for the real issues which were related to community tensions and potential social upheavals if the school was approved," FAIR executive director Kuranda Seyit said in a statement.

"I see this as a victory for racism.
He sees this as a victory for racism. But what does racism actually mean?
According to the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.'
Here comes the logical inconsistency...
"The fact is that Muslims are diverse and come from more than 65 different ethnic groups and everybody is suffering because of the negative perceptions about Muslims.
Soooo...the decision is racist against Muslims...who come from more than 65 different ethnic the decision is racist against 65 groups?


These people are lunatics. Mind you, the non-thinking so-called elites in the media will play this for all it's worth as an issue of racism. It's clearly not. It's an issue of values and integrating with Australian society - something that Muslims do not have a spectacular track record on.
"I am not sure where people get their information from and how they form their ideas but I can bet you a dollar per resident that they have never actually met a Muslim before."
I reckon they'd lose a fair amount of money with that bet.
The development has been the subject of heated town meetings and a protest rally involving up to 1,000 people.

Tensions reached a climax in November when two pigs' heads were rammed on metal stakes with an Australian flag draped between them at the school's proposed site.
A completely stupid and counter productive incident, it must be said.
"People of Australia should speak out against this decision and try to build more understanding and mutual respect for each other," Mr Seyit said.
What he really means is - people should understand what we want and accede to our demands to live in a parallel society with our own rules.
The council's decision was likely to be contested in the Land and Environment Court, he said.

Mr Patterson said that proponents of the school were welcome to look at an alternate site for the development.
In other words, "Bugger off."

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Unknown said...

When I decided to speak out against Islam, I grew a thicker skin quickly. Charges of "racism" do not apply as Islam is not a race. It is a political and militant ideology developed by a man who perverted Jewish and Christian scripture to create hatred and gain power.

Islamophobia is an incorrect term as well, as a phobia is an irrational fear.

Perhaps if these Islamic schools were called by their rightful name (Qur'anic Jew & Christian Hatred Indoctrination Facilities), decisions to not tolerate building more of them would be simpler.

Anonymous said...

To call your organisation FAIR is not fair dinkum. And where is the friendship in the Islamic Friendship Association? Just went to the FAIR website and they portray themselves as they would like others to think of them. If we judge others by their actions or inactions, these groups representing their community, assuming they do, still have a lot to answer. To label people who question their motives, and indeed way of life, are labelled racists. By implication, I am labelled a racist because I also question the development.

Islamists should take a leaf out of the Soviet means of propaganda and create groups similar to the myriad of peace groups that they did during the Cold War. Create them or infiltrate them. That worked until the Soviet system imploded. Not too sure whether that will happen with Islamic religion. Their religion also uses totalitarian techniques to keep their flock faithful. Through subjugation, threats and violence.

A blowtorch should be put to these organisations to find out what they really stand for. But to do so for many Australians, especially journalists, is too hard. Well done Camden residents on taking a stand. You're not racist.

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