Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ninemsn continues to allow manipulation of its online polls

As reported yesterday, Camden Council did not give approval to a Muslim group for an Islamic school to be built in the area.

The decision was reported as being entirely due to racism with the official reason, based on planning grounds, was dismissed. TV reports showed the same woman wearing an Akubra hat with Australian flag telling reporters that "we don't want them here" or words to that effect.

Ninemsn carried a poll on its website asking the question "Is the Islamic school ban a victory for racism?"

Through to mid-afternoon yesterday the results were as follow:

Yes: 3338 No: 5820 Ratio: 0.574

Yes: 9955 No: 16833 Ratio: 0.591

Yes: 13467 No: 22495 Ratio: 0.598

When I had a look last night the ratio was about the same with Nos in the 40,000s.

I've pointed out a number of times that these polls tend to get stacked by those mostly pushing the left wing line, generally overnight, as follows:

Do you find Santa's Ho Ho Ho offensive?
Should Australian police use Taser guns?

Should gay couples get equal rights under the law?

Would you vote for the Coalition under Peter Costello?
Should the government give Dr Haneef his visa back?
Should school corporal punishment be reintroduced?
Do you believe Australia is one of the worst countries for workers?

The corporal punishment in schools and Peter Costello polls were the only ones that are not definitively leftist though Labor was pretty keen at the time for Costello to take over from Howard for the upcoming election.

I did send an email to Ninemsn some time back and they responded that they would look into it but clearly they're still happy to have any credibility their online polls do have to be trashed because this is what we woke up to this morning:

Yes: 125959 No: 48357 Ratio: 2.605

I can understand why the left needs to manipulate public polls. Redefining history is a necessary requirement for them to escape the negative effects that their policies have had on society but I don't understand why Ninemsn continues to allow these people to hurt their brand.

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Anonymous said...

That's a massive overnight turnaround. Good detective work.

Myrddin Seren said...


Could this be occuring because of a cultural/political gulf within the commercial TV stations, whereby the people who make the product are not aligned with the suits in the top office ?

The Packers may have been inveterate hands-on owners but with the investment bankers and private equity genuises now running the networks, it is not difficult to imagine a chasm in outlook and interaction between the top offices and the studios.

The bankers will be looking at metrics like ratings, costs and revenues = margins, EBITDA etc etc.

Bet some of them are too busy on the business and roadshow circuits to even watch their own TV shows. What nights does Kerry Stokes sit down with a pizza and watch Channel Seven ? Want to bet - once in a blue moon ??

Converesly, down in the studios and with no real investment in the business side, the worker bees will see themselves as part of the 'Yarts Community' to greater or lesser degree.

And as was pretty obvious during the last federal election, a commitment to left of centre politics is a commitment to whatever it takes for The Cause of the True Believers.

Hence, skewing the output without shame. In fact, the only wonder is that there are no obvious TV insider blogs trumpeting their efforts on behalf of progressivism.

At the end of the day though - it is management's responsibility to run the enterprise, and if they are distracted while the ship of commercial television runs on to the rocks, that is their fault.

Anonymous said...

"All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing"...

Keep on blogging!