Thursday, 1 May 2008

Obama's Jeremiah Wright abandonment smells like a set up to me

The Jeremiah Wright issue has been a festering sore in the Obama campaign for too many weeks now and it was clear that he was going to have to exorcise his petulant spiritual guide sooner rather than later in order to have some time pass until the November election in which he could recover.

After defending Wright and making a speech on race in America (vapid though it was) Obama would have hoped the controversy would die down but the fact that even a supine press, enamoured as they are with the idea of President Obama, continued to labour the point showed him that the issue was more of a danger to his campaign than was anticipated.

Clearly, he couldn't switch positions overnight and therefore needed some other, glaring reason to throw Wright under the bus.

What better way than to have Wright come out and make a series of profoundly loopy and way out there statements that Obama could then use as a catalyst to distance himself from Wright?

It smells like a set up to me.

The other thing it does is that it puts John McCain in a position where he will come under massive attack from the media to disown John Hagee who has endorsed McCain. Even though there's a world of difference between a person who supports a campaign and one who has provided spiritual guidance to Obama for 20 years of his life the press will run an equivalence argument and go hard after McCain. As soon as McCain throws Hagee under the bus (which he may or may not do) then it completely wipes the Wright issue away for Obama.

Let's see how this plays out over the next few weeks.

I'm re-listening to Obama's press conference today as I write this. In spite of previously describing Reverend Wright as being "like family to me" only a month ago he then claims to never have heard the man say the racist, anti-American things that have now caused so much trouble. It beggars belief.

The other thing I've noticed about Obama is that when he's not reading a prepared speech he is very faltering in his speech, indicating that he does not have his thoughts together, and he comes across as completely lacking confidence in what he's about to say. Obama has been compared to JFK but JFK never lacked confidence when he didn't have his notes in hand.

There are some comparisons that can be made between political leaders and Obama:

When Obama is reading from a prepared speech then he sounds like JFK.

When he's talking off the cuff he sounds like George Bush.

Compare Bill Clinton's natural, folksy manner when he's talking off the cuff with Obama. There's a gulf between them.

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Anonymous said...

I have been going back and forth on this issue myself. On the one hand, I can't imagine how this latest Wright eruption benefits Obama in the least. After all, the defense has been that the Rev's comments was snippets taken from longer sermons full of luv.

But that defense fails when you see this clown repeat every single offensive statement....and without the luuuuuv.

But in favor of your view, Obama has needed to be able to shed himself of this guy without alienating his black support. So Wright had to really jump the shark so that Obama could toss him under the bus along with granny....and thereby have his Sister Souljah moment.

I dunno. It seems to me like an awful risky political high wire if it was a put-up job.

Also, he would have to deliver an oscar-winning performance yesterday to barely mask the palpable hurt and anger as he did.

Not that I feel sorry for him in the least. He's lying like a sack of poopie when he said that the guy he had heard the day before "wasn't person" he'd heard "for the last 20 years".

Yeah right. I'm sure the Rev uncorked that special batch just for the National Press Club. Hardly! He was in the sweet spot on some very well-rehersed lines.



Jack Lacton said...


Remember the fainting women at Obama rallies?

Once it was brought to people's attention that women (always at the front of the audience) were unable to maintain their vertical state at the very thought of President Obama the thing stopped.

He has form in setting things up therefore there has to be a question whether this is a set up.

Furthermore, the least faltering parts of his press conference were the denunciation of Wright (...this is not the man I met 20 years ago; he doesn't know me very well... etc) indicating to me that they were rehearsed.

Anonymous said...

Your right when you say there is a big difference between your spiritual guide for 20 years and someone who supports you. Thank goodness we don't all have to have backround checks to support a candidate or vote. Obamas spritual guidence,his mentor,his proxy-uncle, is a racist hate monger who spews his hatred causing more divide among his flock. I don't know how anyone could sit in his church and listen to this man screaming at the top of his lungs his hatred for America. If Obama was Catholic and he disagreed with the sermin, he could have just said he slept through it, but I don't think anyone could use that excuse with Wright.

Anonymous said...

The Barry Hussein Obama/Shrillary Rodham Clinton divide has to be the most amazing show in US electoral collegiate vote history.

Barrack for Barry, and you disenfranchise the empowered Y chromosome deficient portion of the voting population.

Shill for Hillary, and you disenfranchise the black, brown or brindle vote.

How could these arseholes have put themselves in this position?

The only way to salvage the situation is for Barry to drop his pants and prove conclusively that he is really a woman.

The question remains: would he have the balls to cut things off for political expediency?