Monday, 5 May 2008

Christian leaders look to Doctor Who for guidance

You know that non-Catholic Christianity in Europe has hit rock bottom when its leaders have forgotten what their mission is and are reduced to watching the sci-fi series Doctor Who to work out what the kids want.

Note to church leaders: Kids need you to give them direction, you do not get your direction from teenagers. Last time I checked, you get your direction from God.

Unless I've missed something.

Being a fan of the Doctor Who series (and being one of those people who can name all of the actors that have played the Doctor in order) I must confess that the parallel between Christianity and the scripts of the show had eluded me.
Episodes of hit TV show Doctor Who have been examined by church leaders in Britain as part of an attempt to make Christianity more appealing to teenagers.

A conference of Church of England vicars watched a handful of episodes from the sci-fi series to study its religious parallels, particularly its themes of evil, resurrection and redemption.

Similarities between the Doctor and Christ, as well as whether the evil Daleks are capable of changing, were also examined.

"There are countless examples of Christian symbolism in Doctor Who, which we can use to get across ideas that can otherwise be difficult to explain," The Sunday Telegraph in Britain quoted Andrew Wooding, a spokesman for conference organising group Church Army, as saying.

"Clergy shouldn't be afraid to engage with popular culture as for many young people television plays a large role in their thinking."
Not that it's unusual for the church to call on TV shows to help their cause. Just last year the Church of England enlisted the Simpsons...
The Church of England is getting help from the Simpsons to provide a more relevant way of teaching children about theology and to give a boost to dwindling congregations.

Mixing it Up with the “Simpsons”, a book to be released by the Church of England’s publishing company, will be sent to youth advisers in every diocese across the country next week, the Sunday Telegraph reported, with the hope of showing how Christianity is relevant to life today through issues tackled in the popular U.S. TV cartoon series. Clergy will be urged to show episodes of “The Simpsons” that focus on Christian themes such as love and punishment.
None of Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Catholicism or the Baptists have to resort to such populist drivel.

No wonder the Church of England is slowly dying in Western Europe.

It has forgotten what it stands for and where it gets its guidance from.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the similarity between Dr Who and religion is that they're both fiction. One is entertaining, the other not on the telly. Don't the Simpsons gently mock religion with Reverend Lovejoy, and god botherer Ned Fanders? Maybe the Church should go and study South Park for spiritual guidance. I've seen episodes on the Mormons, Catholics and Scientology. Maybe the CofE are feeling left out.

OK, religion give many of its adherents a sense of belonging, but it comes with bigotry, corruption, hypocrisy and false hope. Sorry, better get down from the pulpit.

Myrddin Seren said...

Hi Jack,

I definitely agree that the good vicars of the church or whatever can pleasurably break up a dull theological session with some down time watching Dr Who.

How good are those Christmas specials ! - am I being ironic here ?

But the Doctor is good triumphing over evil - great for us old crusties or a younger nerdish generation. How does that relate to where the real issues are.

I am pretty out of touch with real nitty gritty TV, or the gang horrors You Tubed, but dare one suggest the vicars might get a better slice of the reality of 'yoof' in Britain if they watched 'Brat Camp', 'Laddette to Lady' or 'Big Bruvver' ??

Then they'ld really get a grounding in moral decay. These guys are just playing with issues and sticking their heads in the sand.