Monday, 11 August 2008

Who wants to back John Edwards for veep now?

In the picture is worth a thousand words category comes the graph from Betfair of the odds of John Edwards being chosen as Democratic Party vice presidential candidate.

Can you spot when the Rielle Hunter story broke?

Edwards has always been a phony and I never understood why Democratic voters gave him so much support.

For your interest, Betfair has the following odds for the Democratic VP choice:

$3.80 Evan Bayh
$5.70 Tim Kaine
$8.40 Kathleen Sibelius
$9.60 Hillary Clinton

I'd choose Kathleen Sibelius because she's not Hillary Clinton and she'll ensure the female vote that might otherwise drift to McCain. Bayh is solid but why Kaine is on the short list is anyone's guess.

Hillary Clinton will still be testing whether Super Delegates can be swayed to abandon support for Obama given his poor poll showing.

On the Republican side of things the odds are:

$3.20 Mitt Romney
$4.10 Tim Pawlenty
$7.20 Charlie Crist
$12.00 Eric Cantor
$14.50 Joe Lieberman
$14.50 Rob Portman
$16.00 Condaleeza Rice
$16.00 Mike Huckabee
$16.50 Bobby Jindal

My pick would be Charlie Crist. He'll shore up Florida, which has been a battleground state at the last few elections. I like Romney but he has been labeled (unfairly) as a flip-flopper so it's hard to hammer Obama with that one when Romney is on the ticket. Jindal would certainly be a contrast to Obama given he's so far ahead of him intellectually and has a much more accomplished track record. Lieberman would guarantee the swing voters though given McCain already attracts a lot of them it's problematic whether he'd bring many extra.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting Graph...Were you using Dr Mann's algorithm?

Jack Lacton said...

heh! good one, hoppers. should have thought of that myself.

Unknown said...

Crist is political poison, especially now that he signed that bill to let felons vote. Plus, he has, shall we say, skeletons in his closet that would not be good for McCain.