Saturday, 6 December 2008

Beast Bought

Been away for a couple of days picking up some new wheels .

Model: Mercedes MY2002 ML55 AMG.

Engine: Big V8

Sound: blob blob blob

Economy: Minimal

Environmental impact: High

Comfort: High

Features: High

0-100km/h: 6.8s

Fun factor: High

I've owned a BMW M3 and Mercedes CLK55 AMG in my time, which I was unwise enough to buy new, and they were both outstanding vehicles.

My advice for young players - buy luxury cars second hand.

(Nothing Follows)


"Grendel" said...

There are a lot of these coming on the market lately - I can't remember what the original sale price was but a two-to-three year old luxury car around where I live is selling for around one third of its original sticker price.

Anonymous said...

Jack, buddy. Flip the negative. You had it face down.



Jack Lacton said...


Unfortunately, I'm not with you...

Anonymous said...

Nice rig. Needs a 'roo bar, rod holders, UHF whip antennae, roof-mounted Cibie Super Oscars for the pig shooting, 4,000 lb electric winch, 3" lift-kit, and upgraded bash-plates.

Hey - I can think of a species lost as a result of "climate change" - the Wooly Mammoth.

Anonymous said...

A nice set of wheels ... I've never thought of Mercs before until riding in my latest lady's Merc ... she's a Merc fan. CLK350. I like the other teutonic truck, the X-5 with 20" rims.

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