Monday, 15 December 2008

Shoe throwing incident confirms Bush's greatness

Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia television network achieved glory throughout the Ummah and from their left wing soulmates in the rest of the world when he undertook the time honoured Arab tradition of throwing one's shoes at an opponent.

Check out Dailykos, Firedoglake, HuffPo etc etc and you'll see many posts supporting al-Zaidi and sliming President Bush.

Parenthetically, when has a mainstream right wing blog or news outlet been anything other than outraged when a Democratic president is treated so shabbily?

By working for an organisation that didn't exist under Saddam and attending a press conference that would never take place under Saddam hosted by a democratically elected leader that didn't exist under Saddam and enjoying the newly minted freedom that didn't exist under Saddam and shouting "It is the farewell kiss, you dog" showing he did not feel the threat to his personal safety that existed under Saddam and throwing his shoes at a world leader that under Saddam would have seen him fed feet first into a tree shredder, Muntazer al-Zaidi - journalist, nascent pin up boy of the Muslim world and hero of the world's left - confirmed Bush's greatness.

That is the irony that the left has missed in its pathological hatred of George W Bush.

Freedom reigns in Iraq.

Bush made it happen.

It would never have happened under a President Gore.

The old feller has pretty good reflexes, too, don't you think?

That's impressive stuff.

The fact that he kept his composure and gave his response within the framework of the legitimacy of dissent in a free society probably taught the Iraqis a valuable lesson.

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kae said...

Excellent footage.
They seem to miss that the worst insult in the ME is the sole of the foot, or the shoe, hitting someone with your shoe is just an unspeakable insult, as is calling someone a dog.
That second shoe almost got him.

The person shouting, sounding like he was being kicked... wonder if that was the shoe throwing tv reporter?

It could never have happened in Saddam's time.

John Clifford said...

This asshat is probably a radical Shia (note that he received his 'journalism training' in Lebanon (Hezbollah, anyone)... and of course they hate Bush! Bush and The Great Satan keeps Iran from subjugating Iraq. Bush and The Great Satan put a whuppin' on Moqtada al Sadr's Shia militia. Damn him!

As for the ignorant Left whose Bush hatred blinds them to any sense of decency, the vast majority of Iraqis LOVE George Bush, because they recognize they owe their freedom to him and the American deposing of Saddam. And, of course, the Left is opposed to violence... unless it's violence directed towards America, its president, its people, and especially its military.

Anonymous said...

"when has a mainstream right wing blog or news outlet been anything other than outraged when a Democratic president is treated so shabbily?"

How about an example or two to illustrate your point.

Anonymous said...

Produce one person who believed, on Sept. 12, 2001, that there would not be another attack for seven years, and I'll consider downgrading Bush from "Great" to "Really Good." -- Ann Coulter