Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Security guards to watch over Grade 1 BBQ

What the heck?

Is there some chance of too much red cordial leading to a new video series Six Year Olds Run Amok?
Security guards have been hired to watch over a grade 1 barbecue at a primary school in Melbourne's outer north-east.

Radio 3AW has reported that a letter from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development confirmed the presence of security guards at the end-of-year gathering for the group, which would largely be six year olds.

The Age contacted the school and was told the principal would make an announcement this morning. The Department of Education was also unavailable to provide immediate comment.
What can the excuse be for this?

'Protecting' the kids?

If so then from whom?

It will be interesting to see what twaddle is trotted out to justify such an outrageous waste of money.

Hurstbridge Primary School principal Jan Shrimpton today confirmed the security, saying it was necessary due to the "actions of a small number of parents''.

In a statement issued to The Age, Ms Shrimpton said the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development was taking "every step'' to ensure a healthy and safe workplace for school staff.

"This includes the provision of security services during the school day and at a number of school events, as determined by me,'' she said.

"I want to stress that this is not about students' behaviour but about the actions of a small number of parents."

The school would not comment further as to what the actions were.

"As principal of this excellent school, I will not tolerate any threat to the health and safety of my staff or any disruption to students,'' Ms Shrimpton said.

"A safe teaching and learning environment is absolutely necessary, and working with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, I intend to ensure that the school provides that.''
This sounds like complete BS to me.

If parents had made threats against teachers, for example, then the police should be involved.

If the BBQ creates an environment in which AVOs may be breached then ditto.

What are the security guards going to do, anyway?

Fight off cranky parents?

What if it's the mothers that are angry?

There is more to this that principal Shrimpton is letting on.

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