Monday, 5 January 2009

Jaaaaaaaack's back...!

Heeeeere's Jack! seemed appropriate.

Hope your Christmas and New Year break was peaceful, you added less than 3kg and are able to keep your New Year's Resolution for more than a month.

So who can expect to feel Jack's Wrath in 2009?

Obviously, the Climate Faithful will continue to be exposed as the charlatans and fascists that they really are.

Everyone who proposes government intervention in markets as the answer to the financial difficulties facing the world.

Terrorists and their soulmates on the left.

By the way, the word 'soulmates' brilliantly describes the relationship between terrorists and the world's left.

People have tried to understand why the left provides such succor to the bastards who killed hundreds in Mumbai, terrorist organisations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and make excuses for Al Qaeda's atrocities in Iraq.

What ideology do they share that creates such a partnership?

The fact is that they are both totalitarian ideologies that seek to create a better world through the agency of government - one religious using terror and the other political using cultural institutions against the population.

Thus, they are soulmates.

It's a word that our side should use when discussing the left's positions.

i.e. Instead of "Hamas and their supporters on the left" use "Hamas and their soulmates on the left".

It's not only more accurate it's more powerful.

Good luck to everyone in 2009 in what I predict will be the most tumultuos year for many decades.

(Nothing Follows)

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