Wednesday, 7 January 2009

V Australia unveils its colours

Some readers may know that I am somewhat of an aircraft nut.

As a kid I traveled all over the world due to my father being a diplomat. I used to have the plane's captain fill in my log book and visit the flight deck when I could.

Paradoxically, with all of those miles in the air, I'm also a nervous flier.

However, the bigger the aircraft the less nervous I am and it's good to see that Virgin Blue's international arm, V Australia, has got itself a dirty, great Boeing 777 aka the "Rolls Royce of the sky".

V Australia takes to the sky on February 27.

If their service lives up to Virgin Blue's then they'll be worth flying.

My last 41 flights have been with Virgin Blue so I think I speak with some authority in that regard.

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Anonymous said...

bit of a slow plane Jack.

i'm an A340 man myself