Thursday, 22 January 2009

John Stewart spots Obama's similarity to George W Bush

You know, I don't care that John Stewart is a lefty, that he spent eight years making fun of the way George W Bush speaks (and badly, I always thought) or that he asks a dopey question the other day about why Israel can't be criticised in the media (proving that he doesn't actually read the media; but that's another story).

He is a funny guy and The Daily Show is generally great viewing.

He also has at least a modicum of honesty, which he displays here in a very funny and biting look at Obama's inauguration speech.

Obama's first official call was to terrorist Fatah leader Abbas.

He then signed an order to close Gitmo but is going to take his time doing it. What odds can I get that it's still open in a year?

Surely, that's going to give John Stewart more material to work with, as will the massive Porkathon disguised as a stimulus package.

Let's hope he continues to skewer those things that deserve skewering.

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