Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Motoring developments in US and India make a stark contrast

Here's something to think the developed world we're oohing and aahing about the really cool GM/Segway P.U.M.A on the not unreasonable grounds that it is a really, really neat piece of kit...

The GM/Segway P.U.M.A.

...while in the emerging market of India everyone is captivated by the release of India's "Model T", the Tata Nano, and with good reason - it looks like a fair thing.

The Tata Nano

I like the comment in the first video about there being no other country in which the Nano could have been built.

All the world thinks that China will be the next big thing but I reckon it's India that will be the long term winner due to its greater innovation and Westernised institutions left over from the British Empire.

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Stevo said...

The Puma car looks cute, but that's all. It will go the same way as the original Segway. It reminds me of a Kombi I used to drive with no front, but it's missing four metres behind the driver. The Puma probably has better performance than the Kombi too. But I couldn't imagine driving the Puma on roads shared by B-doubles to ML63s. I'd rather ride a motorcycle.

India and China can produce anything they like if the market wants it. Something the Puma makers of the US have ignored.

But you make brave predictions about India and China. The politics of both will change in the medium term, but to where, I don't know. Both economies are very dynamic and their politics will determine how they get to the growth and power they want. Don't underestimate the Chinese. I'd rather bet on the Sharks rugby league team winning the competition in the next 10 years than betting on an economic world domination.

Anyway, enjoy your thought provoking contributions. Sorry I missed you earlier in the year, having my own world crisis!

Jack Lacton said...


I reckon that the PUMA is going to redefine inner city transportation. It might not be it specifically but it will be a derivative, for sure.

Sorry to hear you're having a crisis. Hopefully, things are OK with that big, ol' Yankee employer of yours.

Always good to have your considered, cogent comments.

Stevo said...

I cannot see where the PUMA has a market. Especially in Australia. Inner city transport is covered by public transport. Or should be. To travel outside of the CBD, you need something bigger. It makes sense to have a car that can take up to 4 people like the Tato Nano. If I was going to put money into either company, it would be the Indian micro car company. Unfortunately, the Tato Nano might have its wheels swallowed by Sydney potholes.

IMHO, the PUMA has as much commercial viability as the JetLev-Flyer. But the H2O hosepipe looks like a lot of fun, maybe better than surfing. Ha!

BTW, I like my job, well most of the time. An interesting time with an interesting company. 2009 will be a good year.