Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Professor Plimer presents the real facts on climate change

Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide and confirmed curmudgeon, released his new book Heaven and Earth: Global Warming the Missing Science only a few days ago. The first two runs of 5000 sold out in just two days and it's into its 3rd run; and that's even before Amazon puts it on sale, which they have scheduled for May 1 - an appropriate day given that the world's socialists and the Climate Faithful are soulmates.

Which begs the question - has there ever been a faster selling book dealing with climate change than Plimer's?

Youtube gets rightly condemned for censoring content showing Israel in a good light and Islam in a bad light, as it should be. Given the preponderence of Democrat Party members on the Google board it comes as no surprise that such activity goes on.

However, without Youtube we also wouldn't have such easy access to the Inconvenient Truth destroying presentation given by Plimer recently. Make sure you show it to all of your believing friends.

One of the arguments that Climate Astrologers put forward to support their claim that the planet is in peril is that "this is different" to what has happened historically due to man's influence.

My answer to that is that if it really is different then why spend all that time studying the climate before the Industrial Revolution?

It's drivel, of course, but as with all leftists they're too busy forming opinions to spend any real time studying facts.

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hoppers said...

He's involved in mining so he's dirty, dirty, dirty.

He's a card carrying schill for big oil.

Ummmm, His work has been rebutted in peer reviewed IPCC articles written by scientists who don't have an agenda at all - ever- really don't - honest they don't.

Errrr, He's a denier which makes him personally responsible for the holocaust and everything else bad that's happened since.

Hmmm, He doesn't understand that the world is overpopulated and we need a one child policy and.... (Head Explodes)

Ayrdale said...

The fact is that the polls show growing scepticism re AGW; Plimer's book, and here in NZ, Ian Wishart's "Air Con" will help ensure the message keeps getting across.

And of course, not forgetting the blogs, and even...the MSM !

Flipper said...

I have researched the issue extensively on both sides researching and veriying assertions from both sides.

The IPCC has been caught red handed pushing verifiable incontrovertable falsehoods as well as the complete falsification of data using misplaced decimals, falty formulas, and computer program models that have no basis in reality.

PSYOP campaigns are being fabricated such as this one involving a Pacific Atoll called TUVALU.

Tavalu is actually the 4th smallest independent nation in the world with a population in the 10,000 range. They have these people totaly brainwashed and duped except for the leaders who know it pays to keep their mouths shut if they want to profit off the scam and ride the wave.

You see the people on this island will be losing their country in about 50 to 100 years. They have been told that the rising sea levels from climate change will make the island uninhabitable and they are in fact suffering severe flooding issues.

The problem is the sea is not rising. The Island is sinking.

Reported ''doomsday'' scenarios attributed to human-induced climate change were overstated or wrong, he said. Reports that Tuvalu would be inundated as sea levels rose had been debunked by scientists who had known since 1830 that the island nation was sinking, he said.

''The problem with Tuvalu is that it sits on a crack of the Pacific Ocean where the ocean floor is sinking: no wonder it is inundated.''.

john said...

I love these "sceptic" sites. They're so funny. You all get terribly upset by the word "denier", but then label anyone who disagrees with you a Nazi, Commie, faggot or any other idiocy you can find in your science dictionaries.
Then you dismiss the scientific peer review system because they've all got some kind of Moaist agenda, but Plimer's close links with big industry in no way affects his neutrality.
Keep it up- the mixture of total scientific ignorance and ranting political paranoia is unbeatable