Thursday, 9 April 2009

Things I hate - Kanye West

Can someone please tell me what they like about Kanye West?

His music is execrable.

He carries on like a jerk.

He's as ugly as a hat full of arseholes.


Who the heck voted this guy not one, not two but twelve Grammy Awards?

Now you might be asking yourself whether I'm just too old and unhip to 'get' what it is people like about Kanye West.

And you'd be right. I am too old and unhip to get it.

But here's something that you might not suspect if you've read this far.

I have seen Kanye West live in concert.

That's right. Live in concert.

Not that I wanted to.

He was a support act for a proper band - U2.

Let me give you the tip. His performance was truly terrible. That surprised me somewhat given all the hype about him.

Given a choice between going to a Kanye West concert and going surfing - which I also hate - I'd choose surfing.

Unless someone had a radio playing Kanye West.

That'd be the pits.

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QB said...

Hey...Lighten up will ya!!!

There would be a reason for him being voted on the Grammy Awards.

You should listen to the more hip songs on the radio station 96.1FM.
They have some great songs there.
You will then be young and hip again!!!

Jack Lacton said...

* bangs head on wall *

Stevo said...

i bookmarked my blogs on my girlfriend's pc and she posted this without me knowing ... her first ever post ... so give her a break. so you've been told to become young and hip again ... ha! btw, i've never listened to kanye west but i think i'll give it a go. and i've also got a wall close by if required ...

Anonymous said...

WOW - i COMPLETELY agree! I totally dont get it. Everything you said was spot on!

And i like hip hop! Among other things - but yes - ive heard maybe one song i dont mind - but otherwise its a completely baffling mystery!

Anonymous said...

He is a talentless, bag of cow dung. I'd rather watch paint dry than listen to his crappy lyrics. I can't call it music, it's more like listening to a construction site.