Monday, 14 May 2007

Crocheted reef 'stunningly realistic' for identical twin climate ninnies

Things must really be slow for the media's Climate Brown Shirts for this story to get a run.
Two sisters concerned about the effects of global warming on the marine environment are using wool and other materials to create a crocheted sculpture of the Great Barrier Reef.
How much crack cocaine does it take to come up with this idea?
Their aim - to raise awareness of the threat of climate change.
Quite a lot, apparently.
Identical twins Margaret and Christine Wertheim have launched a global art project which will be exhibited in the United States and in London.
Identical twin = identically moronic.
The sisters, who grew up in Brisbane but now live in Los Angeles, have spent the last 18 months creating stunningly realistic reef scenes out of wool, silk, cotton and plastic.
Anyone who thinks that a model of the Great Barrier Reef made out of wool, silk, cotton and plastic could be 'stunningly realistic' hasn't ever seen the thing.
About 40 people from around the world have already helped create the ever-growing crochet reef, with three of the top contributors hailing from Australia.
As many as 40 people! As I said, it's a slow news week.
Margaret said they came up with the idea for the project after they noticed the hyperbolic forms they had been crocheting for several years bore a close resemblance to sea creatures.
Did I mention that the crack cocaine was bad?


Anonymous said...

Your line that says, " live in Los Angeles..." speaks volumes. We seem to be a cosmic black hole for nutjobs and moonbats. I'm ready to chuck it all and move to Australia, except for the People's Republic of California-like gun laws...

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