Saturday, 19 July 2008

Answer required for carbon pollution morality question

Is there an ethicist in the house?

If so then I have a question that needs answering... it immoral to put out paint, oil, electrical and other liquid fires using a CO2 filled extinguisher?

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kae said...

If it wasn't before, it will be soon.

You can bet on it.

Kaboom said...

Sure, you can use a dry powder extinguisher for every fire a CO2 extinguisher is capable of.

I do my bit for the environment by pin-pricking as many soft drink bottles at the supermarket as I possibly can, every time I go shopping.

Anonymous said...

Now if we could only get eviro-nutters to do their part to reduce CO2 and stop exhaling...

Boy on a bike said...

Only if Al Gore is on fire.

Otherwise, spray away.

As a drunken youngster, I used to enjoy grabbing them at parties and spraying the gonads of my fellow drinkers. A sure way for beer to go everywhere.

Jack Lacton said...

heh, good one, boy on a bike.