Saturday, 12 July 2008

No wonder he doesn't want to relinquish power...

Can you guess who's house this is?

What a nice place to have a few friends over and have a meal.

Ahhh, at the end of a busy day you need to have somewhere comfortable to retire to

What better way to keep yourself nice and clean than in a lavish, Roman style bathroom?

Beautiful balconies are a feature of this very nice home.

Wouldn't you like to live there?

So which country is home for this stately manor?

Don't like how the President has ruined the place? I hope you can run fast!

So how do the ordinary folk live?

Why does the rest of the world continue to enable Mugabe to use violence and kill his opponents to stay in power?

Yet again the United States is leading the world in putting pressure on the worst dictators. And yet again the usual suspects are blocking the way:
Russia and China vetoed proposed sanctions on Zimbabwe Friday, rejecting U.S. efforts to step up punitive measures against its authoritarian regime linked to a rash of violence surrounding a disputed presidential election.

Western powers mustered nine votes, the minimum needed to gain approval in the 15-nation council. But the resolution failed because of the action by two of the five veto-wielding members.

The other three members with veto power, the U.S., Britain and France, argued sanctions were needed to respond to the violence and intimidation linked to Zimbabwe's recent and widely discredited presidential election.

Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said sanctions would have taken the U.N. beyond its mandate to deal with threats to international peace and security.

It was the same with Saddam Hussein. The UN Security Council continued to block action until the US eventually went its own way.

Who will do the same for Zimbabwe?

No wonder Mugabe doesn't want to relinquish power. He lives a nice life.

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