Wednesday, 15 August 2007

David Hicks embarks on new jihad

Piece of human excrement and darling of the anti-freedom left David Hicks has apparently decided to redirect his jihad towards fighting for the environment.
David Hicks claims he is embarking on a new mission as a soldier for the environment.

While adapting to life in the high-security division in Adelaide's Yatala jail, Hicks now identifies more with Australian environmentalist Tim Flannery than Osama Bin Laden.
Flannery is a high priest of enviro-religion while Osama Bin Laden is a leader of the Islamic religion. Having already demonstrated his mental and moral weakness it comes as no surprise that Hicks could succumb to this new-age religion.
Hicks now spends his days reading and considering his future environmental career options, while turning down the option of having a television in his small cell, his lawyer David McLeod told The Bulletin.
Consider this: Not only does Hicks believes that he has 'career options' and that being an unrehabilitated Islamic terrorist won't hold him back but also that he considers the environmental movement a natural landing place...
Flannery, who was recently named Australian of the Year, has signalled his interest in advising Hicks on his green crusade.
...Flannery agrees by wanting to advise Hicks. Is there anything this profoundly foolish man won't say to see his name in print?
"People who've had a hard life often find nature a more easy and forgiving place to engage," Flannery says. "The natural world offers you some solace."
Hicks, who arrived back in Australia on May 20 after five years in Guantanamo Bay, will be freed on December 29.
Will the blithering ninnies in the Green movement that were so vocal in supporting Hicks during his time in Guantanamo Bay enthusiastically embrace him as one of their own when he leaves prison?

I'll bet they don't.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to request a grant to study whether or not whackos attract one another; and whether that attractive force is magnetic, strong atomic, weak atomic, or stupid atomic. I'm pretty sure it's the latter...