Friday, 10 August 2007

Racists oppose Australian government's morally correct intervention to protect Aboriginal communities

If I disagree with an position held by an Aboriginal politician, lobbyist or supporter then I'm automatically a racist. Unfortunately, the real racists are those on that side of the fence pointing the finger. They are the ones quickest to invoke the 'racist' slur upon their opponents, following the Left's normal modus operandum to take the supposedly high moral ground. Here are just a few of the most disgusting racists in Australia (and NZ, too):
A delegation of the Northern Territory's top Aboriginal leaders will arrive in Canberra to try and stop parliament passing the federal government's emergency legislation...Ms Turner and former NT government minister John Ah Kit will lead the delegation, which will include Arnhem Land elders and the leaders of the Northern and Central Land Councils.

Disgusting racist and former head of ATSIC, Pat Turner.

The funny part is that John Ah Kit is involved in protesting the government's intervention while at the same time being on record in 2002 that
"it is almost impossible to find a functional Aboriginal community anywhere in the Northern Territory" - from a speech that caused controversy at the time that included "I am talking of the dysfunction that is endemic through virtually all of our communities, both in towns and the bush. We cannot pretend that a community is functional when half the kids don't go to school because they have been up most of the night coping with drunken parents, or because they themselves have been up all night sniffing petrol. We cannot imagine that a community is functional where less than one in ten people can read or write. Or where people are too ill through chronic disease or substance abuse to hold onto a job let alone receive training. Or where kids are born with illnesses that have largely disappeared from most of the third world and those who survive into adulthood can be expected to die two decades earlier than their non-indigenous counterparts. Or where only 14% of our kids reach year 12 compared to 80% of their non-indigenous brothers and sisters in the cities and major towns."

And now our Kiwi mates have joined the racist gang.

Appalling racist and Maori Party (NZ) MP Hone Harawira -
A New Zealand Maori Party MP who has called Australia's Prime Minister a "racist bastard" has arrived in Alice Springs to protest against the Commonwealth's intervention in Aboriginal communities.

ACT's Racist Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope - "This is racist and I don't believe that you can hope for long term sustainable change by engaging in behaviour that impinges human rights," he said.

Greens racist, Rachel Siewert -
"Basically this is racist legislation, the Government knows it is and they're exempting themselves from the act," she said.

Do these people think they're racist? Of course not. Why do I call them racists? The truth is that they support and implement policies that have had a profoundly negative impact on Australia's indigenous communities for over 30 years. That's why the communities are the crime-ridden, dysfunctional and appalling social wrecks they are now. The 'soft paternalism' built in to the policies of these people is the most insidious form of racism of all.

Governments from both sides of politics have continued these absurd and destructive practices for far too long and they're both equally culpable for the catastrophic outcome. At least now someone has the gumption and political courage to do something about it.

Shame on Pat Turner. Shame on Hone Hariwara. Shame on Jon Stanhope. Shame on Rachel Siewert. And shame on all those who support the racist outcomes of their positions.

There are, though, true patriots in the indigenous community that deserve recognition.

Patriot - Director of the Cape York Institute, Noel Pearson - You know, I hear people bleat uphill and down about self-determination and in my view self-determination is about people taking responsibility for themselves, for their own families and for their communities and, you know, it's an absolutely shameful hour that has descended on us, absolutely shameful hour where even an emergency intervention to protect the safety of our children is hindered, is hindered by people who supposedly have good will for Aboriginal people and in fact, those people are willing, they are willing the protection and succour to Aboriginal children to fail in the same way and as vehemently as they will failure in Iraq.

Patriot - Warren Mundine, former National President of the Australian Labor Party - Indignous leader Warren Mundine says he is “disgusted” that people are describing the federal Government’s intervention in the Northern Territory as an invasion and has called on the Labor Party’s left wing to get “real” and accept the plan. Mr Mundine, a former Labor Party national president, said John Howard’s plan was not a “land grab”.


pommygranate said...

good post, Jack. The left is continually throwing around the label, 'racist'.

It's high time we threw it back at them.

Anonymous said...


Has being called a racist replaced being called a Nazi? They're convenient words to use or abuse with when the argument is thin or not there at all. We have Godwin's Law, what's the racist equivalent?

Whilst on the subject of racism, see how quickly Sheik Hilaly called the Chaser comedian one when lampooning him ... YouTube hyperlink ...

It doesn't surprise me that the Shiek's shenanigans is related to this Saudi stunt ...

This is very ordinary in Aussie speak ...


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