Friday, 13 June 2008

Beware the Jolly Green Giant of government action

According to a pack of Climate Change Parasites there are hundreds of thousands of Australian homes at risk from climate change's "wild storms and rising sea levels".

That global warming causes more storm activity has been shown to be even greater junk science than what underpins global warming in the first place. It's the first sign that someone is trying to drive up hysteria levels in order to stick their snouts in the pork barrel. How 700,000 homes are under threat by the IPCC's 59cm predicted rise in the 21st century is beyond me.

Australia has about 10 million homes so 7% are apparently at risk. Man the lifeboats!
More than 700,000 coastal homes are at risk from wild storms and rising sea levels caused by climate change, the federal government says.

It will map most major Australian cities to work out which homes are most at risk.

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast would be mapped in a $2 million digital model, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said as she announced the funding in Fremantle.

"Already, more than 700,000 residences across Australia are estimated to be at threat from the effects of climate change, including storm surges and extreme weather events," she said.

"Acting on climate change is all about doing the responsible thing for the economy and for the future."

The new digital elevation model will build on the government's knowledge of which areas are most exposed to inundation. There is already a model in place, although it has a lower digital resolution.

The new version will be put together by scientists and commercial mapping companies.

Groups involved include the CSIRO, Geosciences Australia, the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information, and the Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council.

Ms Wong also announced $310,000 for a web-based tool to allow planners and policy-makers to incorporate rising sea levels into planning codes.

There's also $479,000 to develop a tool to forecast how climate change affects wave patterns.

"Taking action on climate change will be very hard, but we have already had too many years of neglect and delay," Ms Wong said.

"Further delay is economically irresponsible."
Pissing taxpayer money up against the wall to no good end is the most immoral action a government can take. To talk of delaying action on climate change as "economically irresponsible" goes into my list as one of the most cognitively dissonant statements ever made.

Adding these millions of dollars to the $70 million that the Federal and Victorian state governments shoveled down Toyota's throat for no reason last week shows how deeply, deeply immoral the government is prepared to be in order to show the world that it is a Green Government.

Beware the Jolly Green Giant of government. From it none of our money is safe.

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Anonymous said...

Jack, I like the last statement too, "Further delay is economically irresponsible."

It says two things to me. There will be not debate, what has been proposed will go ahead. And to question the value of the program, you are irresponsible. You're either with the program, or you're not.

I've liked this and your previous two posts - on AIDS and teenage drink driving. All are based on junk science. Yep, junk science, I love those two words, they crop up everywhere. And like in the case of the AIDS and Global Warming programs, they're influenced by money. Money means funding, and jobs. It also means wrong outcomes, corruption of the process, and inefficient use of taxpayer's money.

A pollie is rarely happier or as powerful when they're doling out money. Yeah, your money and my money.

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