Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Pfleger's inconvenient sermon or convenient timing?

Last month I wrote the following about Obama's jettisoning of Jeremiah Wright:
The Jeremiah Wright issue has been a festering sore in the Obama campaign for too many weeks now and it was clear that he was going to have to exorcise his petulant spiritual guide sooner rather than later in order to have some time pass until the November election in which he could recover.

After defending Wright and making a speech on race in America (vapid though it was) Obama would have hoped the controversy would die down but the fact that even a supine press, enamoured as they are with the idea of President Obama, continued to labour the point showed him that the issue was more of a danger to his campaign than was anticipated.

Clearly, he couldn't switch positions overnight and therefore needed some other, glaring reason to throw Wright under the bus.

What better way than to have Wright come out and make a series of profoundly loopy and way out there statements that Obama could then use as a catalyst to distance himself from Wright?

It smells like a set up to me.
Obama thought that abandoning his spiritual advisor of 20 years, the man who married him and Michelle, the man who baptised his children, the man who he referred to as 'uncle' and the man who gave him the title of his second book would be enough to placate the masses.

Clearly not.

Being associated with a church that has preached hatred for at least as long as Obama has been a member, which has been a leading force in the inculcation of Michelle Obama into a leftist radical and which promotes racial hatred is still a bridge too far.

So what's the answer?

Press the exit-stage-left button on the church.

What better way to generate what looks like a legitimate excuse than to have the profoundly lunatic Pastor Michael Pfleger give a sermon? A sermon that everyone knew was being recorded. A sermon that everyone knew would find its way into the mainstream. A sermon so profoundly politically unacceptable that it would leave Obama with no choice but to resign from the church?

It is waaay too convenient for me.

From women fainting at his rallies (which mysteriously stopped once it was highlighted in the media) to throwing Jeremiah Wright under the bus to abandoning the Trinity Church to making gaffe after gaffe that expose his economic illiteracy, his foreign policy naivety and his ignorance of history there is one change we can all believe in - it certainly is a change from the normal campaign of a presidential hopeful.

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