Saturday, 14 June 2008

World cools so Climate Alarmists raise alarm

As the world continues to cool, probably due to the lack of the sun going into Solar Cycle 24 and changes in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the hysteria from those with their snouts in the public trough continues to rise.

Last week Australia's capital city hosted the climate change equivalent of PM Kevin Rudd's 2020 Summit. Of the 200 delegates a sum total of zero, nil, nada, none were in the skeptical camp. Imagine my surprise at that fact.

It therefore comes as no shock at all that these Climate Shysters should produce a statement telling us that we all need to slash our economic wrists.
A statement from the 2008 Manning Clark House Conference: “Imagining the Real Life on a Greenhouse Earth”, 11-12 June, Australian National University, Canberra.

Global warming is accelerating. The Arctic summer sea ice is expected to melt entirely within the next five years, - decades earlier than predicted in the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 4th Assessment Report.

Scientists judge the risks to humanity of dangerous global warming to be high. The Great Barrier Reef faces devastation. Extreme weather events, such as storm surges adding to rising sea levels and threatening coastal cities, will become increasingly frequent.

There is a real danger that we have reached or will soon reach critical tipping points and the future will be taken out of our hands. The melting Arctic sea ice could be the first such tipping point.

Beyond 2ÂșC of warming, seemingly inevitable unless greenhouse gas reduction targets are tightened, we risk huge human and societal costs and perhaps even the effective end of industrial civilisation. We need to cease our assault on our own life support system, and that of millions of species. Global warming is only one of many symptoms of that assault.

Peak oil, global warming and long term sustainability pressures all require that we reduce energy needs and switch to alternative energy sources. Many credible studies show that Australia can quickly and cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions through dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and by increasing our investment in solar, wind and other renewable sources.

The need for action is extremely urgent and our window of opportunity for avoiding severe impacts is rapidly closing. Yet the obstacles to change are not technical or economic, they are political and social.

We know democratic societies have responded successfully to dire and immediate threats, as was demonstrated in World War II. This is a last call for an effective response to global warming.
Comparing global warming, which has killed nobody, flooded no homes, inundated no islands and made no species extinct with World War II shows how hysterical these people are prepared to be. Do they really want us to devote one-third of our economic activity to dealing with climate change? That's how much - and more - we spent during WW2.

In WW2 democratic societies took action against undemocratic, totalitarian regimes in Germany, Italy and Japan. It's ironic that the undemocratic, totalitarian regime of the Climate Movement has made more inroads into undermining our societies than those countries ever were.

The following are some of the profoundly immoral alarmists, confused do-gooders and political opportunists that signed on the the statement:

Climate scientists:
Prof Barry Brook, Prof Ian Enting, Prof Janette Lindesay, Prof Graeme Pearman, Dr Barrie Pittock, Prof Will Steffen;
Earth and prehistory scientists:
Dr Geoff Davies, Dr David Denham, Dr Andrew Glikson (conference convenor), Dr Simon Haberle, Prof Malcolm McCulloch, Dr Bradley Opdyke;
Political leaders:
Senator Lyn Allison, Dr Carmen Lawrence, Senator Christine Milne, Barry Jones;
Environmental lawyer:
Phillip Toyne;
Health and population experts:
Prof Stephen Boyden, Dr Bryan Furnass (conference co-convenor), Prof Tony McMichael, Dr Sue Wareham;
Phillip Adams, Dr Paul Collins, Tony Kevin, Dierk von Behrens;
Mark O’Connor.

That's important, having the support of a poet. Or Phillip Adams...! A humanist...! A person less able to understand climate change science you would struggle to find.

I've said before that I reckon one of the reasons for such a rush to action is that climate scientists know full well that the world is going to enter a cooling phase due to low solar activity and they 1) want to ensure funding and 2) want to take the credit of a cooling world due to driving a reduction in CO2.

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Anonymous said...

the world continues to cool - no it doesn't. What makes you think that? Surely you're not retarded enough to think that a few months slightly less above the long term average than the few months before them were is enough to derive a climate trend from... are you?

global warming, which has killed nobody, flooded no homes, inundated no islands and made no species extinct - do you know how many people died in the European heat wave of 2003? Do you know how many people died in the European heatwave of 2006? Do you think that perhaps two enormous heatwaves in such quick succession, an unprecedented event, might perhaps be something to do with global warming?

Jack Lacton said...


The world is on a cooling trend. It's indisputable. Temperatures are much lower than 1998; therefore negative trend. Furthermore, temperatures are still lower than the Medieval Warm Period.

The heat waves killed far fewer people than the cold spells in Europe. Again, 75% of projected warming occurs at the lower end of the temperature range, which increases averages but has little effect on maximums.

The European heat waves were nothing out of the ordinary and here in Australia wouldn't even pass musted as an average summer, which kills nobody.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see your sources. Nowhere have I read of evidence from the NASA, NOAH, or any respectable science journal backing your view. Even the pentagon formally briefed Bush on the evidence of what is happening (and they are not known for being a tree hugging bunch). What planet are you talking about?

Jack Lacton said...


If you are unaware that the world has cooled since 1998 then you must only be reading Realclimate or some such site.

The NASA temperature record (GISS) run by James Hansen has been shown to be seriously manipulated with the result being that a more pronounced warming rate is produced. Check out Climateaudit to follow the deconstruction of Hansen's data.

Anonymous said...

Temperatures are much lower than 1998; therefore negative trend - aha, yes, you are as mentally backward as I thought you were. Here's a simple question for you. Imagine a variable measured at times t=1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Imagine the measured values are 6,1,2,3,4 and 5 respectively. What would you say the trend is in the data?

What's your source for thinking temperatures were higher in the mediaeval warm period?

The European heat waves were way, way out of the ordinary. 35,000 people don't die in a typical summer here.

Are you aware that GISS temperature anomaly measurements closely match those measured by HadCRUT, UAH and RSS? Are you aware that the trends since 1979 derived from each data set are the same to within their errors?

Anonymous said...

If the world is cooling.......but a vast majority of the existing glaciers are melting........perhaps you should travel around a bit and look for yourself. Tell the Australians that global warming is just a conspiracy....or the Sudanese....or the Eskimos and Siberians.....or the population of Tuvalu

Anonymous said...

The medieval warm period is well documented in History...vineyards in middle England, Viking settlements in Greenland, Cathedral Building etc etc. You can't pretend it didn't happen, and you don't need data. The history exists.

Any one who reads the science (on both sides) is aware that Hansen's recent data is at odds with even his usual supporters. They are not the same (within their errors) and it is utterly dishonest to suggest otherwise.

As for the Sudanese, surely their problems are more tied up with genocidal ethnic cleansing and people movement than AGW. And I thought Tuvalu was sinking, not being threatened by rising sea levels, but what do I know.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Both the blogger and I live in Australia, where I'm afraid to tell you that apart from the Prime Minister and Peter Garrett, our crazed national broadcaster, some politicians, a few greenies and indoctrinated school children who've been force fed the Gore movie, AGW is most definately a non issue.

I believe that the situation is pretty similar where you live in the U.K.

Jack Lacton said...


Fudgie used TUVALU as an example of global warming...!


What a complete imbecile...

Anonymous said...

you don't need data - hahahahaha! That's an attitude that epitomises the intelligence of the deniers. vineyards in middle England - there are vineyards further north in England now than ever before. Viking settlements in Greenland - er, yep, well, they are called Danes these days but they are there now, along with the Inuit.

So what about that question, fucky, the one with all the numbers in it? Want to try answering it?

Anonymous said...

My point was that crooks like Hansen can manipulate data but they can't rewrite history. frustrating isn't it eh anonymous?

Anonymous said...

BTW why are you still hanging around here anonymous?... I heard that the really bright lefties had seen the way things were going and abandoned AGW for the New New thing.

When we didn't hear from you for a while, I assumed you'd done likewise.

Jack Lacton said...

Fudgie, Fudgie, Fudgie...

Please stop. I'm still wiping the tears away after your Tuvalu gaffe.

Please, please show me the science that supports Tuvalu being affected by AGW.

Anonymous said...

Search in academic journals for 'tuvalu global warming' - you could learn something if you were mentally capable of learning.

So what about that question, fucky, the one with all the numbers in it, that you have so far ducked? Want to try answering it?

Anonymous said...

When he says "search in academic journals" he means google it, like he did.

Jack Lacton said...


Seriously, Tuvalu as an example of global warming is a joke.

Don't you understand why sea levels are rising there?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, fucky, are you not able to answer that numerical question? It should be quite easy. And do do that search for 'tuvalu global warming' - I expect that you've got what you think you know about it from immature bloggers like yourself so reading some actual science would be good for you.