Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The consequences of an Obama victory

Think about the consequences of a Barack Obama victory in November...

The United States President

The British Prime Minister

The Australian Prime Minister

The most left wing US President ever (in fact, a radical leftist) + a populist, spineless British PM + a populist, incompetent Australian PM = bad news for the world.

This triumvirate would be Kim Il Jong's and Ahmadinejad's and Assad's and Hezbollah's and Hamas' and Al Qaeda's dream come true.

The UN would remain feckless. Nobody would do anything about Mugabe or any of the other miserable dictators in the world.

The English Speaking World leads, the rest follow.

Would there have ever been a weaker combination of leaders of their respective countries than these three? If so then I can't name them.

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Anonymous said...

I partly disagree here. Obama sure is a leftwinger for being American, yet he's still right of center in European terms. Gordon Brown has become the joke of the century, has lost almost all his credibility, and Cameron, possibly the best European politician since Thatcher is standing ready. I don't know enough about Rudd (except for the things I read on your blog) to have a balanced opinion about him.

But on the other side, we have:
Harper in Canada
Sarkozy in France
Merkel in Germany
Berlusconi in Italy
Fukuda in Japan

I'd add Russia's Putin, even though I do not like him, you can't say that he's a leftwinger, in charge of one of the most important countries in the world.

Jack Lacton said...

Hi Boca,

Thanks for commenting.

I'm guessing that you assume Obama is a typical Democratic Party candidate, which would indeed put him to the right of a Euro-lefty.

In fact, he has the most left wing voting record in the US Senate and would be considered quite far to the left even in Europe. When one listens to his speeches it is striking how much Marxist rhetoric is on display.

Anonymous said...

And yet, comparing him with the European left still makes him quite centrist, right-of-center.

He's religious, if you are so in Europe, people just won't take you serious (except probably Poland, but I mean primarily Western Europe).

He has a pro-Israel stance, whereas it's hard to find someone in European politics who openly and vehemently supports the state of Israel.

His foreign policy is also more hawkish then any European nation, especially his stances on Iran, and the war in Afghanistan.

On other issues, such as gun control, the death penalty, gay marriage, he's consistently leftist from an American viewpoint, but also consistently rightist from a European one. In Europe, death penalty is abolished, gay marriage is allowed in more and more countries, it's easier to get cocaine then a gun in Europe, etc...

To conclude, I'd naturally prefer McCain over Obama, but still, I don't think the world will collapse of the Obamania takes the White House.

Unknown said...

You're jumping the gun. Obama hasn't been elected President yet.