Saturday, 3 March 2007

Death threats against McKew

Who the hell would want to kill former ABC presenter and newly minted Labor candidate for the seat of Bennelong, Maxine McKew?

Apparently, four men with torches were seen rooting around underneath her car, which was parked at her North Shore home. A neighbour called the National Security Hotline and reported a suspicious incident. I would have called for the men in white coats.

Some questions spring to mind. Did anyone go out and ask them what they were doing? Did anyone see them get in a vehicle and have the wit to write down its plate number? Nobody seems to as far as I can tell.

If someone did have some dastardly plot against McKew then I'm sure it wouldn't take four people to carry it out. Given that she was out walking the dog at the time they could simply have waited for her to cross the road and run her down. Doesn't make any sense.

Of course, the Down Under version of the Guardian, the disgusting socialist rag The Age, called one of its mates for a comment. Lunatic ex-non-spy, Andrew Wilkie, who unfamously stood for the Greens against the world's greatest Prime Minister, John Howard, at the last election says that he received death threats in that election and that it's par for the course.

"I received a number of death threats, some so alarming I also had to go to police as Maxine McKew seems to have done," Mr Wilkie said.

"It looks and sounds like the exact thing I faced."

Mr Wilkie said the threatening letters stopped after the election, in which he secured a small swing against Mr Howard, but abusive phone calls continued for many months until he changed his telephone number.

He secured a small swing? The arrogance of the Greens knows no bounds. The Democrats imploded so the Greens picked up the votes of their political brethren and Labor leaked a heap of votes to them.

The former spy said he didn't go public about the intimidation at the time for fear of appearing to have sour grapes about his political defeat.

That's got to be one of the funniest political statements ever made. Wilkie didn't get within shouting distance of Howard and finished quite a few thousand votes behind the ALP candidate, which is the real proof of what a poor result the Greens got given the effort they put in.

"When people stand against John Howard there are some people in the community who react in a threatening and unsettling way."

Who are these people? In the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney?

Mr Wilkie who sensationally quit his post in the national intelligence agency in 2003 over concerns about political misuse of intelligence in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

Australia doesn't have just one national intelligence agency. Wilkie worked for the laughably inept Office of National Assessments whose job it is to use intelligence derived from the other agencies and make some coherent sense of it. And didn't they do a terrific job with their Kids Overboard assessment for which their intelligence sources turned out to be...the national press. The ONA is a circus of an organisation and Wilkie is a complete clown. Exactly the sort of reliable source that The Age would rely on.

One assumes that authorities will get to the bottom of the McKew incident. Probably someone looking for a lost cat, but in the meantime she will "not be deterred".