Friday, 2 March 2007

Note to self

The Nokia N70 really is a neat little phone.

However, if you are talking in the dark and then hang up and place the phone on your coffee table, make sure the coffee table isn't being used for the purpose it was intended - as a repository for coffee cups. Also make sure that said coffee cups do not have anything in them. Try really hard to make sure that you do not place your phone in the coffee cup, as I can assure you that it is not good.

I've tried drying my phone out but it's not doing any good. It's still not working.

UPDATE: I got an email asking whether the phone went "kerplunk" into the coffee cup. I can confirm that it actually went "sploosh".

UPDATE II: I now own a new Nokia 6300. Seems pretty neat, too. The N70 is no longer with us. Rest in peace, old electronic friend.

1 comment:

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