Saturday 31 March 2007

The Kerplunk List of Climate Fascists

Just as the enviro-socialists use the term Denier to refer to climate skeptics, and in the same spirit, I am applying the term Climate Fascist to those individuals that either exaggerate the science or outright lie about the consequences of climate change. They can be scientists, politicians, bloggers or anyone else whose gives their opinion to the public and who refer to their opponents as Deniers.

I've decided to keep a list of notable Climate Fascists. Feel free to send me candidates, including links to what they've stated that supports the nomination and the organisation they work for or their blog. Here's a list to start building upon:
  • Al Gore - Inconvenient Truth ignorer
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger - Introducing his own carbon trading scheme
  • Brenda Ekwurzel - Concerned Scientist not concerned with truth
  • Climate Models - Never been right before and won't be right in the future until they work out hot to factor in water vapour and solar activity (How can models be included? By being a collection of its Climate Fascist creators)
  • David Miliband - Bus conducting wannabe now UK Environment Secretary of State
  • Ellen Goodman - Boston Globe non-science reporter credited with coming up with the term Denier to describe the skeptics
  • Gavin Schmidt - Climate modelling Nostradamus
  • George Monbiot - The Guardian's own Climate Goebbels
  • George Negus - Dateline presenter and socialist ninny
  • Dr James Hansen - NASA's apparently silenced but hugely noisy flip-flopper
  • James Lovelock - Gaia loving environmentalist
  • Professor John Quiggin - Australian economist who thinks Kyoto is a "sensible policy response"
  • Kevin Rudd - Australia's opposition leader and purveyor of a 60% reduction in CO2 by 2050
  • Leonard Di Caprio - apparently credible climate spokesman
  • Michael Mann & The Team - Creators of the now discredited Hockey Stick
  • Nicholas Stern - Overestimate impact, underestimate cost
  • Peter Garrett - Former Midnight Oil frontman turned Australian Labor Party Environment Spokesman
  • Richard Littlemore - DeSmogBlog's Unapologetic Climate Fascist
  • Richard Somerville - Scripps Institution of Oceanography's public teat parasite
  • Steven H Schnieder - "...we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have"
  • Dr Tim Flannery - Australian of the Year and serial exaggerator
  • Professor Tony McMichael - ANU's IPCC near-term catastrophist


Anonymous said...

I like very much the topic and also your list. But I also have a challenge: how would you rank this?

Please consider the fact that the oceans have been ignored until now in the climate change discussion, but we should also consider that the ocean is one of the closest elements to the climate.

Anonymous said...

FYI, those are apples in the illustration vs. acorns in the hed.

Did you know that denialist is now passe and has been replaced (hat tip JQ) with delusionist? Please update the references on your site.

Also, since I'm a bleeding heart chicken little I'll take the opportunity to warn you off the link in that first comment, unless you really, really have time on your hands and really, really don't care how you spend it. You're welcome.

Jack Lacton said...

Gee, you get around, Steve.

The Denier term got too hot for some so now Quiggin comes up with delusionist. For those familiar with the travesty that is his understanding of real world economics, the fact that it's Quiggin that introduced the term delusionist is one of the great ironies of recent times.

The link is ridiculous, of course, but it does raise an interesting aspect in that it's possible to find other close correlations between climate and (pick your item).

Anonymous said...


Brilliant post. I hope you continue to update this blog and keep adding some common sense to this debate.
For those who are interested, the New York Times had an article on March 13 pointing how Al Gore has exaggerated the effects of cliamte change:

Also, the Fraser Institute, Vancouver, Canada-based think tank, has an article in its recent magazine showing how several economists feel the Stern report overstates the problem and possible costs.

Anonymous said...

Having followed this subject for years, a great blog. For additional nominees, Steve Bloom certainly is an Oscar winner; don't forget the great Eli Rabett (I hope and presume that's a pseudonym)

Anonymous said...

Anyone with the slightest respect for the Fraser Institute (Canada) as an independent think tank hasn't followed the money (to Exxon and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers).

You forgot to add a first rate champion of climate change science and action - George Monbiot. It would be such a pity to exclude in your little hall of honour.

Good luck listening to your echoes in the wilderness...

Jack Lacton said...

When mentioning Exxon or other energy companies is all you've got then I'd suggest it's because you know that actually arguing with facts is a losing position.

Geologists seem to be the group of scientists that throw up the Deniers with the strongest anti-AGW arguments. They're the ones that have the best grasp on long term trends. It would be somewhat surprising if they had not done work for energy companies along the way.

Anonymous said...

is steve bloom a real person? I tried a google search and find losts of posts like the one above, but nver a profile or a link to his own site, publications or anything...beginning to suspect that Steve Bloom is just a name for an automated blog search/commentator troll thingy.
Of course, the man could prove himself real with a blog link or profile for anyone to read, after all he's quick to impune every one else....

Anonymous said...

Other climate fascists include Prince Charles of "We only have 80 months to fix this" fame......and the Archbishop of Canterbury, who claims "God is Angry" about Climate Change.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown also echoed Prince Charles's "doomsday countdown" a couple of months ago.

I say give them all a membership card in the Climate Fascist party.

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