Friday, 30 March 2007

How Modern Liberals Think

Former leftie Evan Sayet's presentation to the Heritage Foundation titled How Modern Liberals Think is must see viewing. Make sure that you show it to at least one of your leftie friends and see whether they recognise any of their own positions in what Evan is saying.

You'll notice quite a few similarities to what I've been saying even though I haven't read the books he refers to. The opening few minutes, in which he refers to himself as being a "9/13 Republican" are quite powerful.


Wizzard of Aus said...

I don't buy this. I think his view is overly simplistic. He is certainly correct that "L"iberals are neither evil nor stupid, but his contention that "L"iberals are amoral is weak and ill-considered. The morality of the ill-defined group "Leftist/"L"iberal" is different, not absent. I rarely agree with a single position expressed by a self-designated "L"iberal, yet their positions are not amoral - foolish and misguided certainly, and usually unreal and poorly considered. But this is not amoral.

ps. I am really glad to see another great Aussie blog. You're on my daily hit list - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

i think he's dead-on right.

i know dippyhippy lefties & also brainy intellectual lefties, and although they appear totally different on the surface, they both share an overarching need to avoid appearing judgemental/discriminating,.. which is Evan Sayat's main thesis.

For the naive dippyhippies, this is thru utopian peace&love vibes... for the smug intellectual, it is a need to appear sophisticated, nuanced, and beyond "simple" morality.

Jack Lacton said...

Hi Wiz,

Thanks for dropping by.

I also didn't buy all of it but his general theme comported pretty well with my view of the group that now defines Liberal philosophy, which I agree, though, are immoral and foolish.

I large proportion of conservatives these days are what would be called Classical Liberals but as the left moved further left and based its ideology on narcissism, jealousy and hatred those people found that their values were best represented by conservative parties.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Sayet's thesis is important and sound. It's not universal -- that is, it doesn't explain all left-liberals' opinions, statements, and behavior -- but it would be unreasonable to demand that of any proffered explanation.

However, there is more to be said on the subject.

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