Sunday, 11 March 2007

Sunday Night Aussie Rock

The Easybeats were one of Australia's earliest and biggest rock bands that really deserved to be internationally famous but were let down by poor management. With the charismatic Stevie Wright out front and featuring Harry Vanda (lead guitar), George Young (rhythm guitar), Dick Diamond (bass guitar) and Snowy Fleet banging away on the drums the Easybeats had a string of hits in Australia in the late 60s and early 70s.

After they broke up in 1973, Harry Vanda and George Young began writing songs for other artists, which included huge hits such as Evie, Parts 1, 2 & 3 for Stevie Wright when he went solo, and I Hate The Music, Love Is In The Air and Yesterday's Hero for John Paul Young (covered by the Bay City Rollers, as it happens). They also teamed up as Flash And The Pan to have hits with Down Among The Dead Men and Hey St Peter. Their composition Walking In The Rain was an international hit for Grace Jones. To round out their list of credits is the fact that they were the producers for two great Aussie rock bands, The Angels and Rose Tattoo.

George Young's two younger brothers, Angus and Malcolm, joined a band that did become internationally famous. You might have heard of it - AC/DC. Vander and Young produced them, as well.

Here's The Easybeats performing the song that has been voted the #1 Australian song of all time, Friday On My Mind.

...and from Stevie Wright's solo career one of my favourites, Black Eyed Bruiser, performed at a time when Stevie was at his peak before drug and alcohol addiction took him down. How he's still with us is a mystery but we're thankful for it.

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