Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sunday night Aussie rock

As Stevo pointed out in comments last week, The Triffids had some great songs, especially on their iconic Born Sandy Devotional album from 1986.

The Triffids were an Australian rock band who achieved some international success in the 1980s. Formed in Perth in the late 1970s and disbanded in 1989, their best known songs are "Wide Open Road" and "Bury Me Deep In Love". Their vocalist and principal songwriter was David McComb (1962-1999).

McComb suffered from back pain which worsened over the years. He also struggled with alcoholism, and amphetamine and heroin abuse, which greatly affected his health. He developed cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that, when found in young men, is most commonly induced by alcoholism. In 1996, he underwent a successful heart transplant, but continued his drinking and drug use. In January 1999 he was driving a car which was involved in a collision. He was hospitalised overnight and released with bruising. A few days later he died at home, just before his 37th birthday.

Red Pony

Bad Timing

Wide Open Road


Anonymous said...

Jack ... thanks for taking up the recommendation ... I have a few more great Aussie bands that you should showcase on your "Sunday night Aussie rock", I'll wait until this coming Sunday. I'm frigging busy, working with alpha tango oscar ...

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