Friday, 21 September 2007

The Australian election. It's all about Kevin.

One has to give credit where it's due. Whoever is behind the strategy and supporting tactics in the Labor camp is doing a really good job. The Kevin07 website is also really well laid out with all of the information that budding Labor voters need in order to make a decision.

It does, though, expose both the strength - and the weakness - of the Labor strategy, which is that it's all about Kevin.

In fact, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the strategy, especially when you've got a shadow front bench wading about in an intellectual wading pool while their opponents are busy putting in the big strokes in the deep end. If the government can successfully knock Rudd down then the election is theirs. If they can't then it's probably not. It's as simple as that.

Kevin Rudd has a plan. We know because he keeps telling us. It's also on his website.
An education revolution

My goal is for Australia to be the best educated nation in the world. We need an education system that starts at pre-school, includes state-of-the-art trades training centres in every Australian secondary school and flows through to TAFE and university.

Balance and fairness in the workplace

I support balance and fairness in the workplace. I will get rid of the unfair WorkChoices laws and AWAs. Our unfair dismissal laws will provide special protections for small business.

A national plan to fix our hospitals

I will end the buck passing between Canberra and the States by investing $2 billion to take pressure off emergency departments and reduce waiting lists. If States don't cooperate I'll seek a mandate for the Commonwealth to take over delivery of health care services.

Maintaining our national security

I will work with our allies and neighbours to strengthen Australia's national security. I will negotiate the phased withdrawal of our combat troops from Iraq in consultation with our allies.

Decisive action on climate change and water

I will ratify Kyoto, set emissions targets, support clean coal technology, renewable resources like solar and wind power. I'll also act to help secure our water supplies.

A strong economy that delivers for working families

I'm an economic conservative committed to budget surpluses and maintaining the independence of the Reserve Bank - all designed to put downward pressure on interest rates. I will keep the economy strong by investing in skills and infrastructure. I'll also make sure our economy delivers for working families with policies on housing affordability and the cost of living.
Presenting as a strong leader is important but the Kevin07 campaign really is over the top.

If you click through to the Fresh Ideas section then the first thing that comes up is a picture of Shadow Minister for Education & Training, Stephen Smith, which promises:
Kevin Rudd will invest in an Education Revolution to keep Australia prosperous beyond the mining boom. Kevin Rudd’s fresh ideas will...
Over to Climate Change and Water and beside a picture of Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment & Heritage, & the Arts, Peter Garret, is the plan:
Kevin Rudd will act decisively on climate change and secure our water supplies. Kevin Rudd’s fresh ideas will...
Moving on to Cost of Living and you get to see Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan with:
Kevin Rudd will help ease the financial burden on Australian families. Kevin Rudd’s fresh ideas will...
You're getting the idea by now. Over to Investing in Australia's Future and Deputy Leader in the Senate and Shadow Minister for Communications & Information Technology, Steven Conroy, introduces:
Kevin Rudd will ensure Australia continues to have an internationally competitive economy by investing in world class infrastructure. Kevin Rudd’s fresh ideas will...
Bored with Kevin yet? No reprieve for Deputy Leader, and Shadow Minister for Employment & Industrial Relations and Social Inclusion, Julia Gillard, with the plan Forward with Fairness:
Kevin Rudd will keep Australia's economy strong without throwing fairness out the back door. Kevin Rudd’s fresh ideas will...
Health is an important portfolio. Surely someone has an idea to improve things? Shadow Minister for Health, Nicola Roxon, has signed on to a plan:
Kevin Rudd will help end the blame game between Federal, State and Territory governments. Kevin Rudd's fresh ideas will...
And not content with making plans for every portfolio member he also has a view that Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Robert McLelland, gets to present:
Kevin Rudd will help keep Australia safe and secure and build a better world. Kevin Rudd's fresh ideas will...
I'll analyse the specifics of the policies at another time.

For now, though, it's all about Kevin.

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