Thursday, 27 September 2007

Oxymoronic Greenpeace says "clean coal" is an oxymoron

Has anyone noticed that the left has started tying itself in knots over recent years with its use of terminology that conflicts with reality?
Conservation group Greenpeace says the term 'clean coal' is nonsensical and compared it to the saying 'healthy cigarettes'.

New South Wales Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald says a pilot carbon capture plant planned for Lake Macquarie is part of the Government's commitment to clean coal technology.

But Greenpeace's energy campaigner Ben Pearson has defended the comments of State Environment Minister Phil Koperberg who has previously described the term clean coal as an oxymoron.

"The whole term clean coal has to be challenged, it's like talking about healthy cigarettes," he said.

"Really at the end of the day coal is a dirty fuel. But we also need to be more exact about what we are talking about."

"Clean coal is an umbrella term that refers to variety of different processes that are designed to burn coal more cleanly and capture carbon dioxide."
'Clean coal' is an oxymoron?

How about these for oxymorons:
Green peace
Democratic socialism
Progressive left
Can you think of any others?

(Nothing follows)


Anonymous said...

Jack ... cannot think of any others of a political sense at the moment ... if I do, I'll post here ... but the term progressive left always escapes me. The labels "progressive left" and "conservative right" don't make sense. They're cliches and nothing more.

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