Sunday, 9 September 2007

Sunday night Aussie rock

Australian Crawl was an Australian rock band formed by James Reyne (lead vocals/piano) and Simon Binks (lead guitar) in 1978 and joined by Guy McDonough (co-lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Bill McDonough (drums, percussion), Paul Williams (bass guitar), and Brad Robinson (rhythm guitar). The band was named after the front crawl swimming style also known as Australian crawl. The band's music was a defining feature of Australian surf culture during the 1980s.

Once the band’s escalating popularity brought them into the city they caught the attention of Little River Band’s guitarist David Briggs, who helped them to a recording contract and produced their first single. Their 1980 debut album The Boys Light Up had a number of hit singles including the title track; "Indisposed"; "Downhearted" and "Beautiful People". The band made one of the most memorable debuts on the ABC-TV pop show Countdown (performing "Beautiful People") when James Reyne appeared with both arms encased in plaster. He had been hit by a car, an episode chronicled in the track "Indisposed" on the debut album. The Boys Light Up spent more than 50 weeks in the Top 30 and sold five times platinum, one of the biggest selling Australian albums of the 1980's.

Boys Light Up


Beautiful People


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