Sunday, 2 September 2007

Sunday night Aussie rock

Icehouse were formed in 1977 as Flowers by Iva Davies (born Ivor Arthur Davies, on 22 May 1955, in Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia), who was the main creative force, and a classically trained musician; and bass player, Keith Welsh. for a number of years they also obtained the services of Bob Kretschmer, until he was replaced by young guitarist Paul Gildea. Since 1980 Icehouse has released seven albums, several compilations, and music from collaborations with other artists including dance companies. The 1987 album Man of Colours was released at the apex of their fame and international success.

The original band's first album was called Icehouse. When it discovered that a band in the US had a similar name they changed from Flowers to Icehouse. Iva Davies has a long and distinguished musical career in Australia behind him, including the iconic Great Southern Land, a song about this country.



Can't Help Myself

Love In Motion

Great Southern Land


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showcasing The Triffids on your blog nearly 4 weeks ago. Another band that hailed from WA at the same time was The Dugites. I remember going to see them at a Sydney City pub in about 1980 or so. Also bought their first album, called The Dugites. I still have the album, sitting in a big box in the garage with about a hundred plus other LPs. I need to get a record player so I can relive the 70s and early 80s. They weren't too bad. They have a Wikipedia entry at: and there are several videos of their songs on YouTube. You might think of doing a Dugites Sunday Night Aussie Rock post. They're not really rock, but are deserving of being listened to one Sunday on Kerplunk. A few songs you might look at include: Waiting, In Your Car & South Pacific. These are on YouTube.

The Dugite is a snake found in WA. A band Lynda Nutter sang in after the demise of The Dugites is called Snakefish.

Anonymous said...

Another band you might want to showcase is The Go-Betweens. I remember meeting them in about 1980 at a Sydney radio station, but that is another story. I bought their 45 called Lee Remick. It must be in the box of records in the garage. Anyway, this band came from Brisbane, Qld. One of their better known songs that still gets played today is Your Town. I’d assume that most Australians would know the song, but not many would know who plays it. It’s The Go-Betweens. I remember drummer Lindy Morrison was an Australian Democrats candidate a few years ago. Each to their own. If I decided to not listen to musicians who had different political ideas to me, I'd be listening to very few. I listened to, and enjoyed, a Billy Bragg song today, Walk Away Renee … Shush ... don't tell anyone!

Anonymous said...

Jack ... one last one whilst on a roll ... someone has put Hong Kong to The Go-Betweens song Your Town ... it's done very well. Hong Kong is one of the world's top cities. I love the place, and love the people. Here's the link:

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